Wednesday 16 April 2014

WEDDING: The Hanging Lantern Company

Hanging paper lanterns are on the of the wedding decorations that makes me the most excited. They are so striking and unique, I think it's one of the decorations our guests will remember the most as they are so big and spectacular! Paper lanterns can create very different looks depending on how you hang them and the size of them. If you've not really come across them before then I'd highly recommend a browse of Pinterest, the images are so inspiring they'll make you want them for your next big occasion.

Decorations by katie.brumley.90
Wedding Tipi / Paper Lanterns / Stunning Tent / www.stunningtents,
Paper lanterns for an outdoor wedding reception

The Hanging Lantern Company is the largest supplier of lanterns with a range that only starts with round paper lanterns! They have over 500 different styles of paper lanterns and tissue pom poms, along with every lighting accessory you'd need. The size of lanterns vary from 4 inches to 36 inches. We're planning on having a variety of paper lanterns hanging from the middle of the two tipis (like the second picture above) so we needed quite a lot of lanterns! We were spoilt for choice on The Hanging Lantern Company website on style and colour. We haven't got a colour scheme as such but we're trying to keep to pastel colours, of which there is a large choice of paper lanterns. We went for 8 inch White Paper Lanterns* (£2.49 each), 12 inch Baby Blue Paper Lanterns* (£2.99 each ) and 12 inch Robin Egg Paper Lanterns (£2.99 each). All of the prices are cheaper if you buy in bulk - you can buy them in sets of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.    
^Robin Egg^
^Baby Blue^

^All the pastels together^
The Hanging Lantern Company also sell a fantastic product called Buttonlites. They are small lights that last 36+ hours and hang inside the paper lanterns, so you can light them up when it's dark. The Buttonlites* (£1.99 each) can't have their battery replaced but they can be turned on and off for the 36+ hours they give out light. There are a range of Buttonlites - warm, cool, colour changing and candle flicker light depending on the finished look you're going for. You can also put these Buttonlites in flower arrangements to light them up for effect. We are going to light up just the white lanterns, as there will be a lot of fairy lights around the tipis already we didn't want to make it too light.
The lanterns with the Buttonlites in...

I can't wait to see what they look like hanging from the middle of the tipis!

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* I received a discount for 
 these products but
all opinions are my own.


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