Wednesday 2 April 2014

WEDDING: Perfect Details

As the bigger aspects of our wedding are getting booked, we can now focus on the smaller details. The parts people will remember and that really give that extra finishing touch to our wedding. When I came across the Perfect Details website I was impressed with not only their range but their prices too. I blogged about the beautiful Personalised Wooden Apple Crate available on their website last week, you can read the post here. Usually when it comes to weddings everything is a lot more expensive than it usually would be but Perfect Details have some great items in the sale, all of which are £10 and under!

My top picks from the Perfect Details website...

The rustic feel we are having at our wedding means that we are having candles and lanterns everywhere. In the middle of one of the tipi's we're having a fire pit, where our guests can warm up in the evening or toast marshmallows. We're also going to have lanterns lighting up the walk way to the tipi and in the entrance. The Large Mesh Lantern* (£14.99 reduced to £7.49) from Perfect Details gives off a unique pattern of light. As the glass lantern is covered in mesh, the candle light is patterned resulting in a relaxing atmosphere. The lantern has a handle, which means you can either have it on the floor or hanging. I think it would look lovely hanging off those poles with a hook you can spike into the ground (I'm not sure of their proper name). Candles and lanterns create the most relaxed atmosphere, perfect as the sun sets over our wedding.

After spending hours browsing Pinterest (click here to have a nosey at my Pinterest, it's full of wedding inspiration and generally pretty pictures!) I came across the idea of having paper lanterns hanging from the very high ceiling of the tipi's. They would work as part of the decoration and they're very effective too. Here's the kind of affect paper lanterns can have at weddings.... 
Alternative quirky wedding photography in Derbyshire by Hannah Millard | Hannah Millard
Aren't they striking? I love how fun they are, we just haven't worked out how we get them hanging from the top of the tipi's yet! Perfect Details stock a vast range of  round paper lanterns*, see the full range here. They have sizes varying from 4 inches to 14 and almost every colour you could want, from Beige to Lime Green to Dark Purple!

These are all 16 inch and I especially love the lavender and violet colours, so subtle yet effective!
What your favourite item from the Perfect Details website?
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