Friday 4 April 2014

WEEKEND: Wildwood and a Canalside Walk

Last weekend was a busy yet relaxing one (can they exist at the same time? I think so). We celebrated my Dad's birthday, went on a canalside walk, had a very tasty meal, planned more aspects of our wedding and I made a sheep birthday cake! Have you ever been to a Wildwood restaurant? You must if you haven't, the food is the tastiest Italian food with loads of more unique dishes - like Wild Boar and Chorizo Burger (Tom's favourite). They have a real fire pizza oven, so you can imagine how good their pizzas are! I can't recommend the restaurant enough if you like Italian food. We also visited Majestic Wines to buy 6 different potential wines for our wedding, as we don't really drink much alcohol it was a shock to see how expensive buying just 6 bottles of wine is!

My weekend... 

^Their Raspberry Lemonade and Mint Lemonade are sooo good!^

^Wine tasting for our wedding.^

^The sheep cake I made - it's meant to look like Shaun the Sheep!^

^We climbed all the way to the top, fair to say I was out of breath! *Note to self - do more exercise*^

Have you got any nice plans for this weekend?


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