Thursday 29 May 2014

FATHERS DAY: Berkeley Square London Dry Gin

It's already almost that time again - Father's Day - how do these events keep coming around so quickly?! Unfortunately this year my Dad will be in Italy for Father's Day but I'm not the kind  of person to use that as an excuse not to get anything. As I've said many times before, I love buying people presents - it's just such a powerful way of making someone happy!

Father's Day is a tricky one, not only is my Dad (and men in general) a nightmare to buy for but I don't live at home anymore so it's hard to get inspiration. Food and drink is usually such a good avenue to go down for gift buying because most people like to eat and drink. It's not as specific as the 19-piece spanner set my Dad asked for at Christmas!
Berkeley Square London Dry Gin* (£33.20 from Master of Malt) is an ideal Father's Day gift for those hard to buy for Dad's - or ones that like gin! I just love the design of the bottle, it's so elegant and timeless. It looks very smart sitting on our kitchen counter, next to the many mixers we're making our way through with it.
On the Master of Malt website you can order a 30ml sample bottle of the Berkeley Square London Dry Gin for £4.04. This is perfect if you're not sure if you, or the person you're buying the gift for, likes this gin. You can make a drink using the sample sized bottle of gin and give it a try. I didn't know if I was a 'gin person' or not and I actually really like it!
The Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is so smooth and you can really taste the different flavours. This is what the Berkeley Square website say's about it's gin...

'Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is the ‘single malt’ of the gin world. Two hundred and fifty years of dedication, expertise and craftsmanship have gone into the making of Berkeley Square to craft a complex and refined gin of exceptional quality. Distilled in in a traditional pot still and infused using our ‘bouquet garni’ distillation method, with a blend of hand-picked botanicals, including basil, lavender and kaffir lime leaves, Berkeley Square is the ultimate gin for the discerning drinker.'
Have you thought about gifts for Father's Day yet?

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