Friday 9 May 2014

HOLIDAY: Miami Beach

I think I have found my new favourite city in America, it's taken over LA and New York - MIAMI BEACH! It's honestly the most amazing place to visit, it's just so 'cool' - it's fair to say I felt very out of place. As you walk down Ocean Drive in Miami Beach you are surrounded by art deco buildings, lots of tasty restaurants and bars, classic cars and fantastic shopping on one side and on the other by a stunning beach with white sands and turquoise seas. Imagine. It's beautiful.

Miami Beach is a small island off of mainland America, where Miami city is, which is accessed by a rather large bridge. Lincoln Road is the main shopping street in Miami Beach, it has everything from Nespresso to CVS to Walgreens to Sephora and High End Designers! There's definitely a fair amount of money in Miami Beach, with a lot of the apartment blocks right on the sea front and the Ritz Carlton Spa being one of the most popular places to visit - it's all inline with the celebrity image you may have of Miami Beach. Having said that, it's one of the most welcoming place to visit - the lovely American population are generally so friendly and they are always more than happy to go that extra mile for the customer.

Phew. What a lot of photo's. Sorry.


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  1. Never apologise for too many photos! The more the better....especially one's that make me jealous of your Miami adventures!!

    B x


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