Thursday 15 May 2014

OUTFIT: Is that an astronaut?

A must see if you ever visit Florida is the Kennedy Space Center, it's just so inspiring, interesting and incredible! The sheer size of the spaceships is overwhelming and the chance to meet a real, genuine astronaut was unexpected. It was another very hot day in Florida, so I went for a Primark midi skirt, as it was so light and a length that made me feel comfortable about wearing no leggings or tights. The majority of this outfit featured in my holiday hauls I made just before going away.

Polka Dot Sleeveless Blouse - H&M - £9.99
Pale Pink Flower Midi Skirt - Primark - £12
Black Cardigan - Marks and Spencer's - £18
Sandals - Avon - £10 (old)
Sunglasses - Primark - £1

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