Wednesday 18 June 2014

WEDDING: Big Little Things

Right at the moment I'm writing this post our wedding is only 1 month, 23 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes and 28 seconds. Gulp. For any other event that would be quite a long time, panic certainly wouldn't have already set in and you'd only have really started thinking about it recently. Wedding's are different. Wedding's have a lot of emotion, pressure and excitement surrounding them, it's all part of the 'experience'. We now have lists EVERYWHERE on our: phones, iPad, in about 6 notebooks, 2 wedding planners and on Post-It notes around the house. It's starting to get intense but so so so exciting too. I'm going to miss planning our wedding so much but let's focus on the present and enjoy searching the internet for perfect additions to our ever expanding 'smallish' wedding!

Big Little Things is a fantastic website that not only have a lovely range of wedding items but also loads of cute home accessories too! Their strapline is '....little details are a big deal' and that pretty much sums up our attitude to our wedding. We have spent so long thinking about the smaller details that our guests will hopefully notice because when I'm a wedding guest I always tend to notice the smaller details that just show that extra bit of thought has gone into it.

Chalkboard Candy Bar Stickers* (£4.50 for 12) are one of the most versatile products I've seen on the wedding decoration market. They're such cute shapes and can be used for so many different purposes for so many different occasions:

 Sweet Jars
Cocktail Jam Jars for Guests
Table Names/ Numbers
Kilner Jars in the Kitchen
Make-Up Drawers
Kitchen Cupboards

Just a quick search on the internet came up with all of these ideas too...
Mason jar wine glasses with chalkboard heart and gold glitter. Captured By: Park Road Photography --->
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Mason Jar Wedding Favors - Paint them with chalkboard paint, write people's names on them, can be done with other kinds of glasses...because I like the idea of getting a neat glass, but when the names/initials/anniversary of the couple are engraved in them it's kind of weird.
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Awesome kitchen organization tips like making mason storage jars with chalkboard labels.
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vinyl chalkboard sticker
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Chalkboard labels perfect to label your supply storage with nicely.
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Clear Glass 2-gallon Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser with Spigot ~ Juice Holder Jug Party Centerpiece, country chic weddings, shabby chic, bbqs, engagement party ideas <3
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The best thing is that they are reusable, so you can use them for all of these purposes without having to buy anymore! You also get a stick of chalk in the pack, so that you can start creating designs straight away. Personally, I find chalk quite hard to write with so I'm planning on using a Chalk Pen. They're just easier to use and less likely to smudge but it's completely personal preference.

We are creating our own photo booth are in one of the tipi's, we bought a Instax Mini 8 Instant Print Camera for it but we were trying to work out what we wanted our guests to do with the photo's after. We don't want them to be taken away because the films were really expensive and then we're left with no memory of the photo booth. We've played with the idea of asking our guests to stick the photo's straight into a guest book and then leave a little message. But we both love the idea of creating a sort of 'washing line' for our guests to attach their funny photo's too. Then by the end of the night there should be a fantastic photo wall we can all enjoy and have a good giggle at! Especially as we are having a party the day after our wedding back at the tipi, those memories will spark interesting conversations I'm sure.

 Big Little Things also offer a wide range of cute pegs, which are another versatile item that can be used in so many different situations. Their pegs are so perfect for having on the photo wall 'washing line', as they have such lovely designs and will fit in perfectly with the look of a wedding. They have at least six different designed pegs, so there's a style for every wedding!
These pegs are ideal for our rustic wedding...

Which are/were your favourite little details you are adding/have added to your wedding?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


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