Monday 21 July 2014

MY WEEKEND: In Adjectives #1

Beautiful - the sunset over the fields of Lincolnshire on Saturday night.

Exciting - receiving my wedding ring through the post on Friday, 77 Diamonds do such stunning, classic wedding rings and the one I chose matches my engagement ring perfectly! Match made in heaven.

Expensive - we made the final payment for the giant tipi's that are going to be at our wedding. I can't believe my dream having tipi's is actually coming true, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Yummy - Tom's mum made a big bowl a vegetarian chilli, served with freshly baked bread and tortilla chips. I never considered myself as a 'chilli lover' - I don't generally like spicy food (I'm a korma kind of girl) and I tend to be drawn towards cheesy, creamy sauces rather than tomato based ones. Having said that, this chilli was ah-mazing!

Clean - after spending the majority of the weekend at Tom's families house sorting out final wedding preparations, we got home late on Sunday evening. Do you know what we then thought would be a good idea? A mini spring clean of the whole house - without saying a word Tom got the hoover out and I started organising my piles of 'stuff' that do seem to accumulate around the house. Sometimes we are just so in tune.

Proud - my niece is now 14 months and she just makes me burst with pride every time I see her. She's now walking, feeding herself and starting to talk. It's such a privilege to witness this little person grow up.

Boiling - I'm sure anyone that is in Britain will be with me on this one, it's hot. Not just hot but boiling and especially at night! We've been waking up numerous times in the night trying to cool down, not fun.

Cool - Due to the heat that Britain seems to be experiencing right now I dug out the Dyson Bladeless Fan I bought when Comet closed down. It was such a bargain, I think they retail for about £250 and I paid only £60! I can confirm, it's perfect for cooling down.

Frantic - As our wedding is now only a couple of WEEKS away (oh gosh.) we needed to get some final bits and bobs. Our shopping trip wasn't very successful though (why, when you're in a rush can you never find what you're looking for?!) So, after frantically running around trying to source reusable ice cubes, ribbon and napkins, we came home with a clothes stand, new pair of shoes and 2 new shirts. Woops.

Dramatic - Back to the weather but it was so dramatic at around lunch time on Saturday. Suddenly the sky went pitch black, then out of nowhere a really loud thunder storm started. It rained really hard. So hard that the streets became rivers in a matter of minutes and then before you knew it stopped raining, leaving only the rivers as evidence it had ever happened. Strange.

Elated - Every time we tick something off the wedding to-do list.

Guilty - For making yet another honeymoon clothing online order on Sunday morning. Tom really needs to wake up earlier, those hours when I'm awake and he's asleep are costing me too much money!

Worried - Very late on Sunday night, a few weeks before our wedding, was not the ideal time to find out the head chef, who was doing our catering, has left. Leaving us with a whole lot more organising. In the space of an hour about fifteen phone calls were made and one email sent.

How was your weekend?

Helen x


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  1. Giant tipis sounds absolutely amazing- every bit worth it xxx


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