Tuesday 8 July 2014

WEDDING: 1 Month To Go!!

Our lives have become completely consumed by our wedding, which has come as quite a shock. Surprisingly. Up until 3 weeks ago we had been cool cucumbers, being very relaxed about getting everything done for the wedding and just generally enjoying 'going with the flow'. Then 3 weeks ago we were both completely overcome by stress and an ever growing to-do list! Needless to say, the past three weeks have been incredibly stressful and my body has been consumed by 'nervous, excited, stressed, nervous, excited, stressed' feeling. It's been exhausting and along with all of this we've both been having vivid wedding dreams/nightmares (more nightmares really - like Tom not turning up for the wedding and later rocking up in shorts and a t-shirt!) and work has been hectic for us too! Talk about it all coming at once.
Along this whole process I've heard so many times that wedding planning is like a roller-coaster - sometimes you'll be busy and other times you'll be quiet and enjoying *those* Sundays with nothing to do (not seen one of those in a long time now!) I don't know if most Brides to Be have this panic period where they just can't unjumble everything in their head and get it down on paper or actually sort it out! I'm seriously having one of these 'panic periods' right now and it's not all that enjoyable if I'm honest. My head is whirling around at 100mph - the last thing I think about at night is our wedding and the first thing I think about in the morning is our wedding. Now I've even started dreaming about it! I really wish we hadn't left so many things until *last minute*, I say last minute because one month before the wedding does seem last minute to me. In reality one month is a fair amount of time but my silly brain won't let me relax and realise that!
Best way to plan - Stickies, numbers, and colour codes.
This 'panic period' has actually been quite a good thing because our to-do list has never has so many jobs ticked off in such a small amount of time. It's really been the kick we needed, so the last couple of weekends have been filled with honeymoon/wedding shopping, sorting, organising, emailing, ringing, making and delivering. It feels SO good when we tick off anything on our to-do list, however small. We're trying to do at least one job every day, which doesn't sound much but with work and life itself, it's actually been quite a challenge. Weddings truly test your organisational abilities, I thought mine we're really good. I was kind of wrong. We're not out of control or completely behind (all of the big/important things are done) but I wanted to stay calm throughout this whole experience as I feel like the actual day will be filled with enough emotion.
Plan it or Panic?! Because it's okay to freak out a little bit while planing the most important day of your life.
I look at Tom and just can't believe we're going to become Husband and Wife. Together forever. It's such an incredible feeling and one that has truly brought us closer together. Knowing that someone is willing to make such a commitment to you really does make you feel so loved and cared for. For someone that wasn't all that interested in weddings a couple of years ago, I'm completely infatuated now. There's no denying it, it's a magical, mystical, exciting, wonderful experience while also being stressful, nerve-wracking and challenging.
First Dance
If you're going through the wedding planning process right now then I'd highly recommend staying on top of that to-do list to try and reduce the stress nearing the date of your wedding. Literally saying the word wedding has my tummy doing summersaults! If you aren't planning a wedding at the moment then you have an amazing experience to look forward to (and I'm kind of jealous). Now we're only around 6 weeks away I'm starting to feel sad that it will all be over so soon and worried about what we'll do in all the free time we'll suddenly have. I'm sure it will be absolutely fine and we'll enjoy our honeymoon and just being a married couple but there will be a certain sized vat created after a wedding.

Do/did you experience this feeling?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x



  1. Awww I hope the wedding goes well (I'm sure it will!) Congratulations to yourself and your hubby to be. I bet it'll be a wonderful day :) Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Oh wow you must be SO excited! I hope it all goes very smoothly for you xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Good luck with everything! I felt like this when we first booked the venue, that whole nervous/excited feeling and dreaming about it and thinking about it all the time, at the moment its all ticking along nicely...2 months to go, but I think as it gets closer those feelings will come back, and reading this has got my tummy flipping!!

    Enjoy it all!!


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