Monday 25 August 2014


This is the eighth and final edition in the 'photography inspiration' series and it's concentrating on the finer details. Carefully thought out decorations really make a difference to a wedding, so it's important they are captured by a lens too.

The Finer Details Edition...
Wedding Menu Wrapped Napkin

I like the message with this, so often we see the wedding as the end of the fairy tale, when really it is just the beginning!
I love this look, candles in glass lanterns and flower bouquets on the end of the isles. This is so romantic!
DIY Polka Dot Envelope Liner - Such a simple idea to add that special touch.
Hay bale sofas. Such a great idea! For outdoor parties,gatherings or a wedding! Love it!
Chill fun is always found in the outdoors, why not make it even better with a photobooth? #outdoor #wedding #photobooth

A Whimsical and Romantic Garden Wedding
{Engagement Shoot} Rustic Broadbeach Picnic | Confetti Daydreams - Vintage glass lantern, old novels and scrabble tiles used to create a rustic picnic setting ♥ #Engagement #Rustic #E-Shoot
Stain a wooden pallet to get a wonderfully rustic (and cost effective!) menu, program, or "no seating plan" sign!
Mr. & Mrs. cake forks for weddings vintage silver plated flatware
A tall step ladder hold the seating plan and quirky trinkets.
Weddings and Scrabble: Love Letters!  tipi wedding inspiration loved by
wedding drink ideas #lemonade #weddingceremony #weddingchicks

(Photo Credit)
A Quirky & Rustic Fun Tipi Wedding ~ UK Wedding Blog ~ Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
(Photo Credit)
DIY “Smore Love” – Wedding Favors.
(Photo Credit)
Ooooh love this!! Better start makin brad drink his beer from bottles!
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Are the finer details important to you too?

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  1. Some lovely inspiration here.

    Fantastic photos!

    Em x Hmm maybe...

  2. Oh wow these photos are absolutely gorgeous!! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. Very inspirational!! Absolutely the importance lies on the details!

    xx ❀

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  5. Oh my goodness! Everything in this post is just what I hope my wedding will be like! Beautiful, thanks for the inspiration!


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