Friday 1 August 2014

WEDDING: If I'm the Hen then what are you? Part 2

After a quick 'get ready' we went down to breakfast, don't you just love hotel breakfasts? Unfortunately I was so full from dinner the night before that I couldn't take full advantage of the breakfast. I had a small beans on toast, a strawberry yogurt and a pot of tea - delicious. We then went for a wander around Marlborough, nipping in and out of the lovely shops and enjoying the sunshine. The only thing I bought was a travel size sun cream for our honeymoon - wild, I know! Tom's Mum and Sister's arrived mid morning and joined us on our discovery of Marlborough's shopping scene. At around 12.30pm my auntie revealed the next part of the hen party - afternoon tea at Polly's Tea Room in Marlborough. I'm obsessed with afternoon tea at the moment, there's always so much to eat and I love 'nibbly' sized food. The afternoon tea was delicious - they were aimed for two people but we shared it between three and there were still leftovers! Everything was so tasty and certainly filled us up for the rest of the day.

Next, we headed back to the hotel room to freshen up again - the hot weather does nothing for that horrible 'I'm so hot' feeling. The next part of the hen party was a surprise again, we got into the cars and drove around 15 minutes to this gorgeous old house/hotel set in stunning countryside. I was baffled, we already had somewhere to stay so I didn't have any idea of what the next activity could be. Then we arrived at a craft and pottery shop - pottery painting - for me this was perfect! I love doing creative things and I haven't been to a pottery painting shop in such a long time. Though a slight panic did set in because every time I've been to one before I've done some research before about the kind of thing I wanted to paint. But this time I was going in cold - just me and my love for things creative. We were met by the most friendly lady called Claire, who showed us the different items we could paint and how to choose the colours. I decided to go for a teapot, as I had been saying earlier how much I wanted a teapot. It was perfect.

As for the design, I had seen a strawberry pattern on a teapot in a shop back in Marlborough (that was far to expensive to buy) so I decided to try and copy it from memory. After many hours of us all tentatively painting our different chosen items we were all finished and so relaxed. It is such a relaxing activity and one I can't recommend enough. As the items have to go into a kiln you usually have to go and pick them up a couple of days later. My auntie kindly offered to pick them all up for us, so we'll all see our masterpieces on my wedding day - I'm so excited!

We drove back to the hotel, had more time to freshen up and get changed, before going for dinner at the hotel's restaurant. Little did I know, that everyone would decorate the table with a Hen Party banner, balloons, cake, a veil and gifts. I really do love my family, their thoughtfulness is always so overwhelming. We had a lovely meal, played lots of funny games (including a Mr and Mrs game about Tom and I - I was rubbish), put moustaches on, laughed a bit more and ate the delicious cake my auntie kindly bought.

I really am so lucky to be surrounded my such lovely people. Now, it's the days countdown until our wedding day - ahhhh!

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Helen x

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