Sunday 16 November 2014

PREGNANCY: My First Trimester Experience

As you may have read in the 'I have some news' post (see here), we are expecting our first baby next year! It's such an exciting time and we feel so lucky to be given this chance to start our family together. Unfortunately though the first trimester was not particularly enjoyable for me. It is said to be the worst of all three trimesters, I can't comment yet if it is as I'm only in my second but it was a testing time for sure. I don't want people to think I'm moaning in any way about being pregnant because I'm not, I feel so incredibly lucky but when you can't do anything for months at a time it can be hard to focus on the happiness at times. 

The first month was alright, I was a lot more emotional and had some strange feeling in my tummy but other than that I felt 'normal'.

The second month was when things started kicking in. I became so incredibly tired, a completely new level I didn't know was possible. When I looked at the symptoms of the first trimester before getting pregnant read about fatigue and naively thought, how bad can it be?! I felt tired a lot lf the time anyway but oh no. Pregnancy tiredness is complete exhaustion, like standing up uses too much energy and going downstairs is a task that has to be built up to over many hours. It's horrible when you feel so useless, luckily Tom has been amazing and really has stepped up to the mark. At around 7/8 weeks I started getting really bad nausea and such sensitivity to smells. It meant I couldn't really move from lying down, sleeping was the only relief. I wasn't actually sick until 9 weeks though. 

The third month was the worst for nausea and sickness but better for fatigue. I was still very tired, we're talking 7.30pm bedtime everyday, which does make the day extremely short! But it's manageable. The sickness started around 9 weeks and was still happening up until around 15 weeks. As I'm in my second trimester now, it has come to a stop now, fingers crossed it stays like that. I know that I've not had the nausea/sickness as bad as some people get it, so I have been trying to consider myself lucky. I've also had complete food aversions since the start, something I really didn't expect. I have always been a food lover, so I always thought I'd be a food craver when pregnant but nope. I've hated pretty much all foods, except potato for the first 3 months of pregnancy. I couldn't wait to like food again! There have been many days when I could only stomach Rice Krispies and as a result I lost over half a stone. I've put it all back on again now!

I'm so excited to be in the second trimester, as everyone says this is the one to enjoy. It's also almost the run up to Christmas, so many exciting things happening. 

What was your first trimester like?

Feel free to leave me a comment :) 

Helen x

Disclaimer - these are just my experiences, every pregnancy is different. 

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