Thursday 29 January 2015

LIFE: Reflecting On The Life Changes 2014 Bought

2014 was THE year. 

The year I married the love of my life. 
The year we found out we were expecting our first baby. 
The year we bought a house together. 
Busy to say the least. 

2014 started off like any other year, we welcomed in the new year together - only knowing that we would be marrying that year. This, of course, is an exciting thought in itself. We spent the first part of the year researching, spending and preparing for our August wedding. I really enjoyed the wedding planning process (a lot of which is documented here on my blog) but when it finally came to an end I was quite glad. It was all consuming and it seemed like a constant money pit! We both got to a point when we were looking forward to just having a 'normal' weekend - baking, going for walks, snuggling on the sofa, exploring cute towns etc. The things we like doing together. Our wedding planning had meant every weekend was spent over at Tom's families house (as we were getting married over in Lincolnshire) sorting stuff out, meeting people and spending more money. When we finally got married we had the most amazing day with everyone we love - plenty of special memories we will treasure forever. 

Around the middle of the year was also when we found out we were expecting our first baby! We had decided to start trying for a baby, so it wasn't a surprise yet it did feel like a surprise. I'm not sure why, I guess I had always wondered if I'd be able to have children and had never known if I would be able to, until we started trying. We were very lucky and got pregnant very quickly, cue excitement/panic/morning sickness/shortness of breath/bad backache/reading a lot of forums on the internet (not advisable)/organising my booking appointment/a lot of worrying! The bad sickness hit me around 7/8 weeks pregnant and didn't leave until around 15 weeks, not pleasant but so worth it now I can feel her move around and I'm 30 weeks pregnant!

After we arrived back from our honeymoon we knew we had to start the house search again, as we had been looking for a house to buy for over 2 years and been failing. The first house we saw in September 2014 was the one we ended up buying! We feel in love with in, despite it being a project (you can now follow our progress hereon my blog), we could see the incredible potential. So exciting! We dreamt about creating the perfect home for our soon to be family of three but the time limit of our baby arriving in April meant that we had to start on the work straight away. 

We feel so incredibly lucky to have had such a busy, exciting and life changing year in 2014 and now can't wait to see the challenges, memories and joy 2015 brings us. 

I hope 2015 is a good year for you all too! 

Have you ever had a period of time in your life that is just so busy?

Feel free to leave me a comment :) 

Helen x

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy - exciting times for you ahead! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you very much - it certainly is a busy time but I wouldn't change it :)

      Helen x

  2. It seems as if 2014 was a pretty remarkable year in your life! With the baby arriving this year I'm sure 2015 will be even better, how exciting!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. What an amazing year and the fun has only just begun! Huge congrats! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x


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