Monday 12 January 2015

PREGNANCY: 27 Week Update

Whenever I dreamt about being pregnant I always saw myself documenting every little thing, I'm sentimental like that. Reality has been slightly different, life doesn't wait for me to photograph, video, document and write about every week in my pregnancy, which I'm sad about. I wish I had made time to at least photograph my ever growing bump, but the random photos I've taken throughout pregnancy will have to do. My aim for the last 13ish weeks of pregnancy is to write about each week on my blog and make time to take photographs of my bump. I really hope I can maintain this, and I hope you enjoy/find these weekly updates useful! 

Week 27 was a good week, as they have generally been recently. Depending on where I read 27 weeks is either the last week of the second trimester or the first of the third trimester. Either way 40 weeks is creeping closer and closer, which is both exciting and scary in equal quantities. I've not really had any aches and pains this week, other than the standard backache if I stand up for long periods of time. My bump is really starting to pull my forward, changing my centre of gravity quite a lot! The tiredness is beginning to return, but it's hard to tell whether that's due to all of the hours spent working on our house or at work or due to pregnancy. The tiredness is nothing like the sheer fatigue I experienced in the first trimester though! 

I've started getting acid reflux this week, I have been lucky and avoided heartburn but the burning 'my throat is actually on fire' feeling is still pretty unpleasant. It usually starts around 5pm and I will then feeling that burning sensation at the top of my throat until I go to bed. I bought Gaviscon tablets but their chalky texture repulses me, so I've only resorted to taking one so far. My tolerance for tablets is limited, I just hate taking them! 

We started an NCT course this week too, for anyone who doesn't know what NCT is, it's a charity that provides various antenatal and postnatal courses across the country. My cousin, who recently had a baby, suggested we signed up for a course as it's a great way of meeting new people in the local area. We don't know that many people in the area we live, as we both don't work around here, so it was lovely to meet couples who not only live in the area but are also going through the same experience. When you sign up you join a group of couples with similar due dates to yourself. As we're due in early April the course has couples who are due in either March or April 2015. We have a meeting each week, covering all manner of topics to do with pregnancy, labour and the first 6 weeks of the babies life. At the meeting this week we both had the realisation that there is actually going to be a baby coming out of this whole process and it's not just about buying cute, pretty things. Scary stuff. It's very reassuring to hear a lot of the other women have had similar issues, worries and concerns too though. 

Definitely the most exciting part of this week has been feeling our baby girl turn and twist, rather than just kick. Up until this week I had only ever felt her kick, but earlier this week I felt her turn (and hit one of my ribs) which was just incredible. She's so active these days, I'm just waiting to see some of her body parts poking out of my tummy - like a foot! 

How did/are you finding the third trimester? 

Feel free to leave a comment :) 

Helen x


  1. I had terrible heartburn when I was pregnant. It's horrible, I found Renne's worked for me -the orange ones aren't actually too bad!


  2. Life often gets in the way of the things that we plan to schedule and track and monitor, but the pictures and blog posts that you do manage will likely become invaluable in the future!

    Sammy xo.


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