Friday 6 March 2015

BABY: The perfect way to capture those special moments...

Are you one of those people who loves to capture every moment? I definitely am. If I didn't capture special moments, whether that be through photographs or writing, then I'd probably forget them. My memory isn't the best and since being pregnant it's got worse - baby brain and all that. Valuing, appreciating and remembering those moments as we enter parenthood couldn't be more important to us. So when I came across Milestone Cards I was so excited, as they are the easiest way to remember key events throughout pregnancy and bringing up a baby.

The concept is genius - there is a set for pregnancy, baby or mini cards, each set includes a range of beautifully designed cards with key events/milestones on. All you do is place them in a setting, take a photograph and you've captured that moment, with the date and what the moment is - all in seconds. So easy!
The Milestone Pregnancy Cards* (£12.99 from amazon) don't just take you through pregnancy but also on to life with a newborn baby. There's a space on each card for you to write the date that milestone happened too - so everything is captured in one photo. I received these pregnancy cards when I was 31 weeks pregnant, so I've obviously missed some of the milestones, however I was impressed at how many there are for life with a baby. For example, when your baby is born, their bedroom, them with their Mummy, Daddy, Grandparents, favourite toy, first outfit etc.

The Milestone Baby Cards* (£12.99 from amazon) are exactly the same concept as the pregnancy cards but include key milestones for the first years of your babies life, making these the perfect baby shower gift! I really can't wait to use these when our little girl arrives - we have no excuse not to document and remember her milestones! Also, if you don't write the dates on the cards and use a date stamp on your camera, then you could easily use these cards during any subsequent pregnancies and children.

How are/did you capture your pregnancy/baby milestones?

Feel free to leave me a comment - I love reading every single one :)

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