Tuesday 31 March 2015

HOSPITAL BAG: Packing My Bag

At 36 weeks pregnant I finally got around to washing, organising and packing my hospital bag. I had originally planned to have it ready by around 32 weeks but was just too busy trying to get the house ready for our little arrival. It was such a weight off my mind once I had packed it, knowing that if I did go into labour I would be completely unprepared! We still need to practice putting the car seat in and out of the car. I've heard of a lot of new parents who hadn't and were then trying to work it out in the hospital carpark!
After reading 101 different hospital bag lists I settled on the items I thought I'd need/want with me. There are a couple of things I've since packed that aren't in these photos, such as headphones, bendy straws (for Tom to 'feed' me water), jug, going home outfit and my camera/charger. I also need to get some magazines and snacks for both Tom and I, but other than that we're pretty much done. 
Cath Kidston Fold Out Bag (similar here)
Travel Size Shampoo
Travel Size Batiste Dry Shampoo 
Travel Size Conditioner 
2x Primark Maternity Nightgowns 
2x Primark Thick Thermal Socks
4x Primark Knickers
Grey Primark Towel 
Mini Toothpaste
Mini Toothbrush
Primark Slip On Slippers
Plastic Bag for washing
Kleenex Tissues

Have I missed anything? Is there anything else you'd recommend packing?

Feel free to leave me a comment :) 

Helen x

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  1. I didn't think of taking paracetamol and ibuprofen...adding them now :) A lot of women I've spoken to recommended feminine wipes because they're much gentler to use when you need the toilet.
    I keep mentioning to my husband about trying the car seat out, but he's convinced it can't be that difficult - no doubt we'll be the couple in the car park struggling and looking for videos on YouTube.


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