Monday 16 March 2015

PREGNANCY: 36 Week Update

36 weeks saw my last week at work, before maternity leave. I've had mixed emotions about going on maternity leave - I love my job and all of the friends at work, so I will miss those aspects of working but then I'm so excited to sort everything out in readiness for our daughters arrival! I'm usually a bit rubbish when I first have any length of time off work, I get bored (despite often having a long to-do list) and it feels like the days are dragging. Then I get used to the time off and start to enjoy it. Being as I only have 3 weeks left until my due date now I am determind to not spend time being 'bored' and instead enjoying the peace and quiet!

I finally packed my hospital bag this week, a lot later than planned but hey ho. It was so much fun getting all of the items out, organised, washed, dried and folded. I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm not usually one for enjoying the whole washing clothes process, but recently I've been loving it! I couldn't believe how many things I needed in my hospital bag, such a random selection. (There will be a blog post coming on packing my hospital bag, so watch out for that!) Packing the baby hospital bag was both nervewracking and exciting, the clothes are just so tiny and it made it seem a lot more real.

This week also saw the nursery being decorated, which makes me happier than you could imagine. As you may know by now we bought a 'project' house back in December and its been slow progress with the decorating. Everything has taken a lot longer than expected, mainly because it's an old house and they come with problems. Nevertheless we are getting there with the kitchen and bathroom. It was looking like we wouldn't be able to get the nursery decorated before our daughter arrived, there just wasn't the time or man power. This put strain on my nesting instinct, I just wanted to get everything perfect and ready for her arrival. So we decided to pay someone to decorate her room instead. It was expensive but so worth it, we just need new carpet in there now and then we can start putting her nursery together. I'm so happy!

I turned the grand age of 25 earlier this week, sneaking in a last birthday before becoming a Mummy. Tom had taken me away earlier in February for my birthday, which was lovely. So on my birthday we went for a tasty meal, valuing that quality time together. Everytime we go for a meal now we are always wondering if that will be the last time we go out as a couple! 

On my birthday I also had my 36 week midwife appointment, if you'd told me that on my last birthday I simply wouldn't have believed you. What a difference a year makes! Everything is going well still - blood pressure was fine, bump is measuring 36cm which is bang on where it should be and she is 3-4/5 (I have no idea what this means but she was feeling for her head when she said it, so I presume it's something to do with how far down she is). Her head wasn't engaged, which is a good thing as she still has some more time cooking. Next appointment is at 38 weeks, getting seriously close to my due date by then. I have a feeling she is going to come either a couple of days before of couple of days after her due date, but I fear that may be wishful thinking as a lot of first babies are born late. 

Last week I said that my emotions were all over the place, well I'm pleased to report that this week has been a lot more consistent. I've felt a bit more like myself again and a lot less emotionally out of control. I think the fact that maternity leave started at the end of week 36 has helped, life won't be such a juggling act of work and baby now. 

Right at the end of week 36 my bump made an obvious move south, resulting in more pressure lower down. I've been having to go to the toilet every 5 minutes, but I can now feel my ribs again! Strangely, since the baby has dropped my acid reflux has got a lot worse. My stomach should have more space now, so not sure why but there's not long left now anyway.

My feet and hands are still very swollen, the tight skin has been getting quite uncomfortable. Even Tom said how 'bad' they were, which isn't exactly what I wanted to hear! I've been really enjoying rubbing in Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Leg Refresher* all over my legs - it's refreshing, cooling and encourages a gentle massage that can help to relieve the swelling. Tom has been helping me reach the bottom of my legs, as theres no way my bump would let me reach all the way to my toes now!

How's your week been?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


  1. The 3-4/5 is how far engaged the baby is - 1/5 is still floating completely free; 5/5 is fully engaged; your wee one is starting to settle in!

    We're still not sure if our baby's room will be decorated in time. A friend's dad (professional decorator) is fitting us in around other jobs so, if the baby's late, we'll be fine - if s/he's early, there's going to overlap. A month or so ago, I would have been stressing about this but the birth's SO CLOSE now I just can't bring myself to worry about any other deadlines! I'm sure it'll all fall into place...

    1. Ahh that would make sense - thank you! I feel like she's definitely dopped even further now, so it will be interesting to see what the midwife says next week :) Hope your doing well!

      Helen x

    2. Apparently different areas do the numbers the other way round so double check - you'd still be about half way! I've got the midwife tomorrow - looking forward to finding out how far engaged mine is!

  2. I have had terrible acid reflux this last couple of weeks, its horrid isn't it. I will look forward to your hospital bag post. Mines all packed but I fear I have forgotten something so like to see what there people pack. xx

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm at about the same stage of pregnancy as you...36 weeks today :) I can relate to a lot of what you're feeling. Do you find her kicks and movements really hurt now? x

  4. Aww what a lovely bump. over here. Enjoy your maternity leave my love before the baby makes an appearance #MaternityMondays


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