Monday 18 May 2015

POSTPARTUM: Preparing for after labour - Padsicles

Back before I had given birth I had read and heard so many horror stories about labour and giving birth. I think the unknown is always scary and I was pretty scared, not of the actual labour but the aftermath from giving birth. I was worried about the pain and discomfort that there might be 'down there'. If you've read my birth story (read part one here and part two here) then you'll be aware I had a very long labour, which ended in an episiotomy. This became pretty painful after all of the amazing pain relief the hospital had given me wore off. Sitting, walking and generally moving was seriously uncomfortable in those early days and I was desperate for anything to relieve the pain. Let's just say ibrophen barely took the edge off in the couple of days after giving birth, don't worry though because the bad pain doesn't usually last too long. 

During the weeks prior to giving birth I had been researching ways to reduce the pain after giving birth and came across these padsicles. A frozen maternity pad, which is soaked in soothing products and can be worn after giving birth. The fact they're frozen helped to numb the pain and the soothing products were meant to aid healing. I can't really comment if they did that, but the frozen aspect of these padsicles did bring some level of relief. Be careful though, don't just put them on straight from the freezer, in fact it's best to wrap them in a towel/muslin cloth.

What you'll need:
Maternity towels
Distilled Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera Gel
Lavender Essential Oil
1) Evenly pour on about 3 capfuls of the witch hazel all over the maternity pad.
 2) Evenly spread about a teaspoon of the aloe vera gel all over the pad.

3) Next, add about 4 drops of the lavender essential oil over the pad.

 4) Wrap the pad in cling film or put into a sandwich bag, then pop it into the freezer. It's best to make these before you give birth, so they are ready to go if you need them post birth. 

Do you have any tricks/tips for pain relief after giving birth?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to prepare some of these for myself.


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