Tuesday 26 May 2015

REVIEW: Earth Friendly Baby - making bath time easier!

Bath time is something Isabella is starting to enjoy, to begin with she didn't like being laid down but recently she's been enjoying a bath every couple of days. She especially likes it when we pour water onto her tummy, it settles her straight away - anyone elses little one like that?!
Isabella is now over seven weeks old, so we've started to use a very small amount of bubble bath in her baths. The Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Bubble Bath* (£5.99 from Boots) has been the perfect gentle bubble bath to start using in her baths. It smells lovely and left her skin feeling soft and smelling like a baby!
Washing her hair isn't her favourite activity, though sometimes she stops crying and just stares at me, probably wondering what is happening to her head! As she can get quite upset when we're washing her hair I've been keen to use products that wash her hair quickly, are easy to use and rinse out well. Some of the shampoo's we've used have created far too many bubbles, which means we have to spend longer rinsing her hair out. The Earth Friendly Baby Happy Mandarin Shampoo & Bodywash* (£8.48 from amazon) has been brilliant because it not only makes washing her hair quick, it smells amazing and doubles up as a body wash. On the times I've been giving Isabella a bath by myself I find it impossible to hold her, while picking up various bottles to squirt into a sponge to wash her body and hair, then rinse the sponge and her body. I don't have enough hands! The Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Bodywash range, also including calming lavender and soothing chamomile, is what you need if you find yourself in the same situation as me. It's so much easier than trying to juggle a body wash, shampoo and oil separately! Prior to putting Isabella in the bath I now wet the sponge and squirt a little bit of the Happy Mandarin Shampoo & Bodywash onto the sponge. Once she's in the bath I wash her body and hair with the prepared sponge, then rinse the sponge and her body/hair - all very manageable with one hand. 

All of the Earth Friendly Baby products have over 92% natural ingredients and over 50% organic ingredients, making them extremely friendly towards your baby's skin. Isabella was born with really dry skin and after using small amounts of both of these products (since she was six weeks old) her skin hasn't become dry or aggravated again.

Have you tried any of the Earth Friendly Baby range?

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Helen x

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