Sunday, 5 July 2015

HOLIDAY: Ilfracombe, Westward Ho! and Cream Tea ❤️

  You know those days when the weather isn't meant to be anything special, then it turns out to be such a hot day and you're dressed inappropriately? That happened to us. My husband went out wearing jeans and I had tights and multiple layers thanks to breastfeeding - we were hot to say the least. Despite that we had a lovely day going north from our cottage, rather than our usual route south. Firstly, we visited Ilfracombe for a wander, a delicious lunch at The Tea Rooms and tasty Hockings ice-cream

We really wanted to fit in a round of crazy golf before heading home, so we headed to Westward Ho! Now I'm not usually competitive in the slightest, but when it comes to crazy golf (my husband plays golf and is very good) I really want to win! Unfortunately I didn't win this time, I was only 2 points behind and if we take his golf handicap into consideration I'd say that I won!
On the way home we nipped in The Wier for a cream tea, I couldn't leave Devon/Cornwall without having one. The big question is though - is it jam or cream first? I'm a jam first kind of girl, but I think that's because then I can fit more cream on! Today was clearly a day of eating all things naughty but nice.  
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Helen x
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  1. it looks like such a wonderful holiday!

  2. I seriously need to get me a scone! I'm living in Cornwall so it will have to be clotted cream. *drools uncontrollably*

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love Devon!!

    I always put cream on my scones first because I treat it like butter. :) Then top with lashings of jam.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Haha, I always do that, wear the wrong clothes for the weather! I have never been to Ilfracombe as it's a bit far out, but always wondered what it was like there. Your photos are beautiful, now I really do want to visit! #sundaystars
    Sabrina xx

  5. Great inspiration, where do you discover places to visit if you don't mind me asking?

    1. I researched on the internet, asked friends and families, noted down any brown signed places we past and wanted to go back to and asked on Twitter :) Hope that helps!

      Helen x

  6. Ah this looks like a lovely day, that tea room looks lovely as does the pier, and those scones look amazing. The unplanned ones are always the best! xx

  7. Cream first then jam is the Devon (correct!!) way, and jam first is the Cornish way, but I'm told they taste just the same!! You had a gorgeously sunny day in Ilfracombe, we were there last summer in a roaring gale, and the mermaid looked like she was fighting waves!

  8. What a beautiful place to visit and that cream tea looks amazing!! I know you must have been hot all day but it was obviously a lovely day despite this. Beautiful shots. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xx

  9. Aw how fabulous!! Love these types of posts. Sounds great. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week.


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