Friday 7 August 2015

MARRIAGE: Our 1 year anniversary

One year tomorrow I woke up as someones fiancee and went to sleep someones wife. My husband and I got married this time last year, surrounded by friends and family. I absolutely loved planning our wedding, a lot of which I documented on here, but by the time our wedding arrived I was ready to not worry/stress/plan it anymore!
It felt like it was eating our money away and with the last minute cancellation of our caterers we had many a sleepless night trying to sort things out. Now, a year on, I look back at that whole time so fondly. We created the perfect wedding day for us, from the tipi to the food to the company to the decorations - it was all we had ever dreamt of and more. 

Let's reminisce together...
Since getting married we have had a crazily busy year, which kind of makes our wedding seem even longer than a year ago! Almost straight after our honeymoon we found the house of our dreams, made and offer and luckily it was accepted. Fast forward 3 months and we moved into our house and started the massive restoration project. We planned to get the kitchen and bathroom done in one month, so that we could concentrate on the nursery and living room all before Isabella was born in April. Oh how naive of us, it's now 8 months since we moved in and we STILL haven't finished the kitchen or bathroom! Having said that the nursery is completely done, but we cheated a bit and got someone in. I'm really not bothered that things aren't finished yet, I have enjoyed the journey and it makes you appreciate things when you've not had them for a while. 

But the biggest, life changing event was the birth of our daughter on the 3rd April. I can't put into words how much our life has changed for the better. Everyday has a purpose, we witness daily changes in her and those smiles....well they melt our hearts. I feel so privileged to spend everyday with her. It's not all lovely, as any parent will tell you, there are hard times, really hard times, but the special moments make all those hard times worth it. The 'leaps' are the tough times, it's just so horrible seeing your baby cry and cry and not being able to do anything about  it, other than LOTS of cuddle. I feel like my excitement for life is revitalised, there are so many lovely things to look forward to....roll on the future as a happy family!

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Helen x
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  1. You looked absolutely amazing, and so happy! Such a beautiful dress xx

  2. Awww your wedding is simply the best! Love those wigwams! Happy anniv! #picknmix

  3. I wasn't a blog-reader of yours back when you got married so it was super lovely to read this. Your wedding looked absolutely adorable! Those tipis were such a good idea :)
    grats on your anniversary!


  4. Absolutely stunning photos! I love weddings, they always make me remember my own! You look stunning! Your dress looks a lot like mine except I had a straight neckline and no sash :) Congratulations! x #PicknMix

  5. Happy anniversary, you looked absolutely stunning. Your day seems magical, I love the typewriter! I'm loving planning our wedding so far but it's so stressful, I totally underestimated the effort of planning a wedding! xx

  6. Wonderful photos. You looked amazing. Life has changed so much in a short space of time for you. The first baby is an amazing but also overwhelming experience at times. Lovely post. #binkylinky

  7. Happy anniversary. Lovely photos. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    What a beautiful bride, beautiful wedding & beautiful photos!

  9. A lovely post and you look so happy super photos thanks for Binkylinky

  10. Ahhh...lovely post. Your dress was really similar to the one I had actually - lace, sweetheart neckline with an empire line ribbon, only mine was a champagne coloured ribbon! Made me smile! Glad you've had a happy year of it.

    Sarah |

  11. Your wedding was stunning just like the bride ;) Beautiful dress! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  12. Beautiful photos! I love the style of marquee and what an amazing first year of married life you have had together. Thanks for linking up to #picknmix

  13. Aww so lovely hun. This is gorgeous. Your wedding piccys are amazing! We had our daughter pretty quickly too and yes you are right; everything changes. It is amazing and hard as anything. Happy Anniversary xx #binkylinky

  14. What a beautiful post, it sounds like your first year together as a married couple has been magical! :)

    Your wedding looked absolutely fabulous, we would love something similar, how charming! Your photos are gorgeous and you look stunning!

    X X


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