Friday 14 August 2015

NEW RELEASE: Chicco Cuddle and Bubble - making life easier!

Bathing and changing a baby can be really difficult after giving birth, not only because new parents are often nervous/unsure as to what to do but also mothers can be in a lot of discomfort post birth.

I know I was very uncomfortable after giving birth, the simplest activity was a challenge - the remote controlled hospital bed was a lifesaver! However when we arrived home with Isabella I was left with a 'normal' bed, low down bath and soft sofa's - all of which made sleeping, sitting and generally caring for our little baby difficult. I really wish I had known about the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble* (£89.99), it would have made those early months so much easier.
The Chicco Cuddle & Bubble is a bath and changer, which is foldable, compact and practical. It's a free-standing unit that has a baby bath, baby changer and plenty of storage all at waist height. The fact it's at waist height is invaluable for new parents, it means no more uncomfortable leaning over the bath or getting on the floor to change your babies nappy. You can even adjust it between three different heights.
We have a changing table in Isabella's nursery but downstairs we kept a changing mat and box with nappies, wipes etc. So when she needed changing throughout the day I'd get the changing mat out on the living room floor and change her nappy, walking up and down stairs was far too uncomfortable after birth! However getting onto the floor would often result in a call to my husband to help me back up, as I was in too much pain to just pop up and down from the floor. I needed the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble! 

Since receiving the Cuddle & Bubble we've had it downstairs in Isabella's playroom and its made changing her so much easier. The storage compartments are a really good size to keep everything we need for both changing her nappy and bathing her. I would have loved a nappy sack hook on the side of it though, just to make the whole changing a nappy with one hand easier! 
The soft, reducer that ergonomically adapts to Isabella's body helps to support her while I'm changing her nappy. Though I actually prefer to take that off and change her on the wipeable surface underneath (because when I take her nappy off she can decide that's the moment to wee!) The raised edges provide reassurance that Isabella's safe, as she wriggles around now. 

 There are also a range of removable accessories, including a parent organiser, drying basket and practical filler jug. Isabella loves it when I pour water from the filler jug onto her tummy! Thanks to these convenient organisational features we use the Cuddle & Bubble numerous times a day to change Isabella's nappy - it's always ready to go, so no time is ever wasted!
The baby changing mat can be removed and below it is a baby bath, again at waist height. There is support for you to attach a shower head to the bath, so that you can fill it with ease. However we don't have a shower and the shower head on our bath wasn't long enough. We found it just as easy to fill a clean washing up bowl with warm water and pour it in. Our bath is deep and narrow due to the size of our bathroom, so leaning over the bath to wash Isabella is difficult - I can barely reach! Washing her at waist height in the Cuddle & Bubble is perfect and so much easier. I've also been impressed at how stable the Cuddle & Bubble is when using the bath, I was never concerned about it wobbling as she moved around in the water. If you are going to use the bath on carpet I would recommend having a wipeable surface (like a piece of oil cloth or plastic sheeting) underneath it because as your baby enjoys their bath water can escape over the top. We tend to bath Isabella in the kitchen where we have tiles to overcome this.
I was chatting to another Mummy who had a c-section and she was saying how getting up and down stairs, leaning over a bath and generally moving around was really difficult, as post surgery she had to minimise movement dramatically. I showed her the Cuddle & Bubble and she said that it would have been the an ideal baby product to have post c-section, it would have made her life a lot easier. 

It's not just us that thinks the Cuddle & Bubble is an exciting, innovative product - it recently won Best Bathtime Product and Most Innovative Bathtime Product in the Loved by Parents awards too!

As the Cuddle & Bubble is up in Isabella's playroom it's been the perfect place to do baby massage. We've been to a course of baby massage and really enjoyed it, so I put on relaxing music, lower the lighting and massage Isabella's arms, legs and feet. She loves it and I love the time to relax/bond with her! As the Cuddle & Bubble is at just the right height it saves me kneeling on the floor and leaning over her, which hurts my back and knees. Gosh how old do I sound?!

I'd highly recommend the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble as one of those baby products that is vital for comfort and ease in the early weeks of having a baby. As your baby grows older it then becomes a product that makes changing nappies quicker and is generally more convenient around the house. Baby products that adapt and suit a range of ages like this are a rarity, as so many only last a couple of weeks!

What's your favourite feature of the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. That really is practical, I looked at something similar when I was having T. Its perfect for not having to bend down after having baby! #BinkyLinky

  2. This looks so practical. Looks great xx

  3. This looks really good, I have 2 flights of stairs in my house so am dreading after birth for this reason. It looks like it'd be handy rather than crawling on the floor and equally quite portable too for other rooms!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  4. It is great to have something that is versatile and adaptable to make life easier at what can be a difficult time for a variety of reasons. Being foldable and compact are features of it that appeal to me. Thanks for sharing #busydoinglife

  5. Such a helpful table! Its always nice when something is designed to helped busy parents to take care of their children and babies! #picknmix

  6. This looks really good. Wish I'd known about this when my twins were babies. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  7. This is fantastic and so practical thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  8. I wish I had brought something like this when my little boy was a newborn, I had a really bad back so bending to the bed to change nappies and bending to the bath was a nightmare. Maybe next time ill consider something like this! linked to you from #busydoinglife

  9. Thankyou so much fro linking up with me on#busydoinglife, this looks like a great product that would be so valuble to new mums especially after a c-section! I know I would have really appreciated it even after a natural delivery, I just felt quite unsteady for a while when lifting/lowering baby!

  10. This looks great, I could have really done with something like this after having a c section with Ava. Getting up and down was a nightmare and I struggled to change her and couldn't bath her on my own. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


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