Thursday 24 September 2015

SKINCARE: NSPA Firming and Toning Body Cream

Since being pregnant it's not surprising that I don't have the most toned of bodies, not helped by a big pregnancy weight gain. I'm now in the process of losing it, getting more active and trying to get my body even slightly closer to the way it was prior to pregnancy.
NSPA Firming and Toning Body Cream* has been my lazy addition to this process - it requires minimal effort/time but helps me to feel better about myself. I'm not sure if it's the taking time out of the day for me or the feeling of spending a bit of time looking after myself. Anyone that has children will know how little time you get to yourself, so even spending a couple of minutes applying a body cream can be enough to relax you.
I've been slathering the NSPA Firming and Toning Body Cream all over my body, especially focusing on my legs and tummy, after having a bath. It sinks into the skin quickly, which works well as I usually have a bath with Isabella and then have a five minute slot inbetween us getting out of the bath and her needing her bottle before bed. Who said having a bath was a relaxing event?! 

I'm not sure how 'firm and toned' this has made my skin, but it has helped to keep my body moisturised, which in turn has made the skin feel softer and more hydrated. Consequently making me feel a bit better about my post pregnancy body!

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Helen x


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