Monday 5 October 2015

GIFT INSPIRATION: Dr Browns Newborn Gift Set

When we found out were expecting out first baby back in July last year it was the beginning of an exciting journey. Throughout that journey there are a lot of essential products that babies need, along with a lot of non-essential (but every so lovely) products too. Feeding your baby is clearly one of the essential aspects of parenting, whichever way you do it. As I've spoken on here a number of times, we decided to do combined feeding - combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding from pretty early on. 
Dr Brown's have created a Newborn Gift Set* that contains everything you need if you are either bottle or combined feeding. This includes: a microwave steriliser with tongs, 3x 240ml bottles, 2x 120ml bottles, 2x level 2 teats, 2x level 3 teats, bottle brush, 2 travel caps and level 1 teats that are supplied on each bottle. 
I love the convenience of buying everything in one set, it helps to minimise the unnecessary purchases or buying too much of a certain product. For example, we have bought far too many level 1 teats for various bottles. At the time I thought we'd need them, but in hindsight we just didn't need half the amount I bought. I think there is always going to be some baby products you'll buy and won't need or your baby just won't get on with, but this Dr Brown's Newborn Gift Set makes feeding an area you won't overbuy on. 
Dr Brown's bottles are cleverly designed to prevent colic in babies, an important feature to look for in baby bottles because a baby with colic is not a happy baby! Anything you can do to reduce the risk of colic is a good thing, so choosing Dr Brown's bottles with anti-colic features can really help.  
Microwave sterilisers are so quick, chemical free and easy to transport if you're going away. It's also perfect for anyone with a smaller kitchen because you don't have to have another piece of equipment sitting on the side in the kitchen, like you would with an electric steriliser. It's always worth checking the size of your microwave to see if a microwave steriliser will fit in, this one fits in ours without an issue. 
The fact that you get 2x 120ml bottles and 3x 240ml bottles is the right balance from our experience. We used the smaller bottles for the first couple of months, but relatively quickly Isabella was needing more milk per feed - especially when we hit any of her many growth spurts! We then moved on to 240ml bottles and continue to use this larger size, but my cousin (who has a 1 year old) said that the smaller bottles still have a purpose. Once we have been weaning for a longer period of time and Isabella is drinking water with each of her three meals a day she will need a much smaller amount of milk per feed. Therefore we'll need to crack out our smaller bottles again using the level 3 teats this time, which are included in this Newborn Gift Set.
This set costs £45.95, which is fantastic value for money because if the items were purchased seperately they would cost over £60! It would also make the perfect gift for expecting parents, baby showers or new parents. When we first became parents and were kindly inundated with gifts from family and friends and found that the more practical gifts were the ones we have used more. Anything that saves time, is convenient and caters to their babies needs is going to be very popular with new parents!

What was your most used baby gift?

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  1. We love Dr Browns. I've seen so many other parents waste money by going for the cheaper bottle option and end up having to buy Dr Browns because of colic. We didn't even get colic this time #triedtested

  2. What a fab set, I have heard so many good things about Dr Brown's bottles #triedtested

  3. I agree that buying everything in a set and knowing it will all work together is handy. I've heard lots about Dr Browns but never used them myself
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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