Friday 2 October 2015

NEW: Miffys Adventures Big and Small TV Show

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Miffy is such a nostalgic character for me - it makes me think of my grandparents house where they had really old Miffy books that my Mum and her sister read when they were younger. They were clearly well loved, with their scruffy edges and scribblings of their names in the front. Because of this I knew Miffy had been around for quite a while, however I didn't realise it had been 60 years!
In fact Miffy celebrates its 60th year this year - it's come a long way from the rainy seaside holiday in North Holland where Dick Bruna was entertaining his children by drawing a little bunny and making up stories about it. 

The Miffy logo has evolved over the years, as you can see below, from a rabbit with floppy ears to the Miffy we know and recognise today. You can find endless Miffy memorabilia on the high street and online, which is lovely because it has meant that generation after generation of children and adults have enjoyed Miffy's adventures. 
60 years miffy 
To celebrate Miffy's 60th birthday Sony Pictures Television has announced that they are launching a brand new tv show - Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - on their pre-school channel Tiny Pop. It is an animated sequel to the successful Miffy and Friends. Miffy's Adventures Big and Small has been updated with the inclusion of CGI in its creation, as well as new characters and locations, new children's voices, a simple to follow narrative (making it perfect for pre-school children) and plenty of cheerful songs!

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It launches TODAY (2nd October) and there will be 52 episodes, so plenty to enjoy! Miffy's Adventures Big and Small is a big part of the Cuddle Time evening block on Tiny Pop, which has calmer family favourites that are perfect for before bedtime.

Does Miffy make you feel nostalgic too?

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Helen x 
A Cornish Mum

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  1. I love Miffy too. I have recorded a few of the episodes for Ava and she seems to like them. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


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