Friday 23 October 2015

WEANING: Controlling the mess with a Messy Me Splashmat

Everyone warned us that weaning would be a messy business, but I didn't expect it to be quite this messy! We're talking purees in both of our hair, on the highchair, splat on the floor, all over the tray, down the bib....the list could go on. As we've only just decorated our kitchen the last thing we wanted was a splat of carrot puree on the floor, which would inevitably dye the grout in between our tiles. (We've had one issue after another with our floor tiles, but that's a whole other story!) There was no hope Isabella was going to contain her messy eating just to the highchair or Bumbo tray, so like most other parents with a weaning child we needed some way of protecting our house. 
Messy Me have a beautiful range of oil cloth Messy Mats that are the perfect size to protect your floor but not take over the whole kitchen. I love their range of designs, most of which are based around stars and florals. You can also get coordinating oil cloth high chair covers, high chair cushions, tunics, aprons and clutch bags

The Messy Mat in Dusty Rose* (£23.99) is 90cmx120cm, which we found was the perfect size to catch all of Isabella's drops of purees, spoons, cups and bowls. I also found that the Messy Mat worked really well as a craft/play activities mat too. When Isabella has been in the door bouncer she has loved it when I have put a bowl of warm water underneath her feet. She's good at splashing around now, so I place the Messy Mat underneath the bowl to protect our carpets. We've also done some painting while sitting on the mat, because Isabella can't crawl yet it means that our paint mess all stayed contained within the Messy Mat. 
It's easy to wipe clean, I've even been known to use a baby wipe (their uses are endless) and can also be machine washed if there's a lot of mess. Both the mat and hems are wipeable, so the Messy Mat stays looking nice and clean....despite a baby/toddler causing havoc!
It's a shame summer is suddenly over because this would also be ideal as a waterproof, wipeable mat to sit on while enjoying a picnic. Next summer we'll be cracking this out at the first sight of sunshine!

What tips do you have for reducing the mess while weaning?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. I wish i had a mat like this when i was weaning my son. We had dogs at the time so i suppose thats not far different haha! Shes beautiful #binkylinky

  2. Oh that is so handy! Pretty too :) Popping over from the #binkylinky

  3. That is a great idea and I shall be purchasing one when that time comes ! My daughter is 3 months old :) x


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