Monday 9 November 2015


It's November so it's time to step up the Christmas shopping and introduce the first Christmas Gift Guide of 2015. I thought I'd begin with those hard to buy for men. Most of the people I buy for are male, so this year I started keeping notes of products, experiences and ideas for gifts with the hope it would make Christmas shopping easier. It has done to some extent though I'm certainly not finished shopping for my Dad or husband quite yet. If you have a gift guide for men then please link it below, as I'm still in need of more inspiration.

ASOS Men's Navy Sweatshirt (similar here for £18) - I don't know about the men in your life, but the ones in mine love wearing loungewear. So getting them a cosy sweatshirt or joggers is always popular and one of the presents that actually gets used! I picked this one up from ASOS for only £5, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for any sale bargains. 

Forefront Leather iPad Mini Case with Magnetic Auto Sleep Wake Function in Black8.85 from amazon) - Men love technology and buying them some kind of tablet or phone case is bound to go down well. This iPad Mini case by Forefront is not only a bargain, but is surprisingly good quality and very durable. You could even go one step further and get a personalised tablet/phone case from places like Wrappz or Photobox.

Men's Pringle Skiing and Bobble Hats Novelty Cotton Socks from Sock Shop* (£8) - If you're looking to buy someone socks this year then Sock Shop is the place for you. Their website is filled with every size, design, thickness and brand you could imagine, as well as stocking an impressive range of underwear, tights and accessories. These fun socks from Pringle at Sock Shop are ideal for someone who loves skiing or teasing someone who wants to go, like my husband!

No7 Men Energising Face Wash (£7.50 from Boots) - Toiletries may not be as popular gift for men compared to women, but it doesn't mean they aren't appreciated or needed. Put it this way my husband has a lengthier skincare routine than I do, so a slightly more expensive and luxurious face wash or exfoliator is a nice treat for Christmas. 

Personalised Pottery Painting (prices vary) - Pottery painting is not only a fun activity to do by yourself or with your children, but the outcome makes a thoughtful gift for someone special. We painted this for Father's Day because my husband loves golf. There are lots of ways you can adapt a child's hand/footprint into different objects. We've also done a motorbike for my Dad and a tractor for my Grandparents using Isabella's footprint. 

IVSO Apple Watch and iPhone Stand in Bamboo 8.95 from amazon) -Anyone you know with a watch (doesn't have to be an Apple watch) and an iPhone will appreciate this stylish charging stand, while you'll appreciate its affordability. The fantastic feature of this specific stand is that there's a place for the charger to attach to the phone. A lot of iPhone stands only let you stand the phone in it, there's no gap for a charger to go through, leaving them pretty useless. With this IVSO stand you can charge your iPhone and/or Apple watch, as well as keeping them safe.

Sugru Mouldable Glue New Colours 8-Pack* (£12.99) - This stuff is incredible! Sugru is a mouldable glue that can be used to fix almost anything. It feels a bit like play-dough, so it can easily be moulded around objects that need fixing. It bonds to almost any material and cures by being exposed to air. All you do is shape it around the object you need to fix (i.e. broken charging wire), leave it for 24 hours and it will become a flexible silicone rubber that's waterproof, strong, durable, stable at high or low temperatures yet easily removable. So clever and the ideal gift for any DIY people out there!

Explore Enamel Mug (£3 in the sale) and Good Morning Enamel Mug (£5 in the sale) from Urban Outfitters - These enamel mugs are a twist on a usual mug, they're light and less breakable making them ideal for anyone who loves to travel or camp.

Drink London The 100 Best Bars and Pubs (£9.98 from amazon)- Guides to bars, pubs and restaurants are popular with the men in my life, as I'm sure they would be with those in yours. There are plenty of options when it comes to these kinds of books, for instance The Good Pub Guide and this one by Euan Ferguson. I like that Drink London not only recommends the top 100 bars and pubs in London, but also suggests the best drink to have in each place.
Do you find men the hardest to buy for?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x

All prices are correct on the date of publishing.
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  1. That Sugru stuff looks genius - what a clever idea! Some fab ideas here - always need inspiration for the Mr in my life because he is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Oh my god men are the worst to buy for! That sweatshirt is perfect for my boyfriend or even my dad or grandad!

  3. I love those enamel mugs! My other half is so clumsy, so they'd be perfect for him! :) #picknmix

  4. I am so stuck on what to get my husband! I have done pottery painting before but it is such a nice idea :) #picknmix

  5. Men are definitely hard to buy for I always find it a challenge! Some lovely items, thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  6. Men are definitely hard to buy for I always find it a challenge! Some lovely items, thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  7. Some great items, I always find James hard to buy for as the things he really likes are so expensive. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


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