Monday 21 December 2015

CHRISTMAS: Rudolph Chocolate Tarts Recipe

What's not to like about a rich chocolate filling, crisp buttery pastry - all with a touch of Christmas added?! I usually enjoy these tarts with melted white chocolate drizzled over the top or with a layer of Dulce de leche on the bottom of the tart, both of which are delicious. But I thought I'd add a festive twist to these firm favourites and in the simplest of ways. Making these tarts into reindeer's is merely the work of minutes!
What you'll need:
300ml Double cream
30g Butter
50g Caster sugar
200g Dark Chocolate, broken into cubes
1 tsp Vanilla extract
12x Pre-made pastry tart cases
Giant milk chocolate buttons
White chocolate buttons
Chocolate covered pretzels 
Black icing 
Red icing

What to do:
1) Heat the cream, sugar and vanilla extract over a medium heat.
2) Once up to a boil remove from the heat and add the chocolate and butter. Stir until you have a dark, glossy liquid and all of the chocolate has melted.
3) Put the pastry cases onto a tray that fits into your fridge. Pour the chocolate mixture into each tart case.
4) Place the chocolate filled tarts in the fridge until they are set, usually a minimum of 4 hours.
5) Once the tarts are completely set you can put two pretzels on for the ears. Two white chocolate buttons with a black dot of icing on as the eyes and a giant milk chocolate button with a red circle iced on as the nose.
6) It's that easy!
Have you done much festive baking?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


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