Wednesday 31 August 2016

DITL: Meeting Friends in London

A few weekends ago we ventured down to London to meet up with some of our friends from university. My husband and I met at uni and were part of the same friendship group, so it's lovely to all meet up again. It doesn't happen often enough because we all live across the country, but it's lovely when it does. I thought I'd do a Day In The Life so you can see what a day in London looks like for us.

7.00am - Isabella woke up and we brought her into our bedroom. At which point she decided she wanted to help make the bed, she's so trying to be a little adult at the moment.

8am - After getting ready, doing my make up and washing my hair it was almost time to leave. While I'd been getting ready my husband had been giving Isabella breakfast and packing her lunchbox for the day. I then quickly made a cup of tea to have in the car - can't start the day without any caffine!
8.30am - After Isabella has had breakfast we got her dressed, along with the long decision of what she's going to wear. She then wanted to put her shoes on herself, of course.
11am - To get into London we've found the easiest way is to drive to Stanmore and get the tube into central London. I'd highly recommend getting a tube from the furthest point away from London it goes to. We had one change to get to Covent Garden and it takes about 30-40 minutes - not bad at all and makes getting into London a lot more enjoyable than trying to drive.
Isabella loves it on the tube, but did insist on trying to walk around this time. The constant moving meant she quickly learnt that she couldn't walk without falling over, prompting more looking out of the window.
11.40am - We arrived at Covent Garden tube station and walked around to the main square where we were meeting one of our friends from university. On the whole I find London a very overwhelming place to visit, but Covent Garden is like a safe haven. It's familiar, relatively small and full of cute shops and cafes. 
12.15pm - As our other friends weren't arriving until a bit later we decided to stop for a quick drink at Café Nero's before finding somewhere for lunch. Does anyone else love a quick drinks stop while out for the day? It reminds me of shopping trips as a child, where we'd stop to have a rest, go through what we've bought and check what we still need to get.
1pm - After a lot of going into restaurants and being rejected because we hadn't booked (tip - if you want to eat somewhere specific in Covent!) we finally ended up in Fire & Stone. It's a delicious pizza restaurant down one of the side streets near the main square and has lots of unique pizza toppings to choose from. I went for the Cairo, which had falafel, coriander and babaganosh to name a few. I've also had the Casablanca before, which I'd highly recommend!
4.30pm - Time got away with us and we chatted away in Fire & Stone for over 3 hours! Got to love a good catch up with friends and Isabella was an absolute star playing with everyone. As it was so late (we were originally aiming to get back home for 6.30pm) we headed straight to the tube station to go back to Stanmore.
6.45pm - Arrived at home after a relatively clear journey and began the bedtime routine straight away. I took my make up off (which is especially satisfying after a day in London) while my husband read Isabella a story. I then went in and cuddled her until she fell asleep, popped her down in her cot and snuck out like a mission impossible scene.
For the rest of the evening we just relaxed, watched Mr Robot and drank a glass of wine. Pretty standard evening in our house!

Do you enjoy family days out in London?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x
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  1. Ohh that sounds like a fun day. I haven't been to London since becoming a mum, the thought of all that public transport with a little one terrifies me. Glad you had a lovely catch up with your uni friends xz #BloggerClubUK

  2. What a great day. Those drinks look amazing.Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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