Wednesday 12 April 2017

PREGNANCY #2: Baby Number Two Wishlist

Now that baby number two is making an appearance in a matter of weeks (ok, I could still say months but weeks sounds better) I thought I'd put together a wishlist. These are some of the things that I would love to get in readiness for baby number two, though in reality we really don't need very much. I think that's why these are mainly decorative because I'm keen to make some slight changes to the nursery. I am already conscious that this baby will be having a lot of hand-me-downs, as we're expecting another girl, so by changing the nursery it will feel like a new experience again. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Starting in the top left hand corner I have fallen in love with the idea of a bedside co-sleeper and this Convertible from Babybay is just beautiful. I love the design and how it attaches to the side of the bed allowing co-sleeping without the risk. We didn't co-sleep at all with Isabella because I was simply too scared one of us would accidently hurt her in the night. However it was something I wish we could have done; I spent far too many nights awkwardly hanging out of the bed checking Isabella was breathing (paranoid first mum alert). I love the idea of being able to lie right next to your baby, especially when they are so teeny tiny.

Talking about babies sleeping I've seen the Whisbear everywhere recently and want to find out more about its magical powers. Its been no secret here on my blog that when Isabella was a baby she didn't sleep very well at all, in fact we didn't have a solid nights sleep until she over well over a year old. So this time around I'm willing to try anything and everything to help this little one sleep peacefully. The Whisbear plays white noise, has a CRYsensor and is a sensory toy as well.

 I've always wanted a wall of inspiring quotes somewhere in our house, but never found quite the right place. I think having some beautiful inspiring quote prints in both Isabella's new bedroom and the baby's bedroom will be such lovely additions. After all with two children I'm sure they'll be days I need to focus on an inspiring quote, rather than focusing on the busy mess that will inevitably surround me. This stunning floral 'She believed she could. So she did.' print and Roald Dahl 'If you have good thoughts' Sunbeams print are from FreddieTheKid on Etsy.

How beautiful are these Personalised Pastel Wooden Blocks from Myla & Oscar? We don't know the name this little one will be having yet, so this would have to be an exciting post birth order. They are made to order and would just look so cute on a nursery shelf or in photos. They'd also make a very special gift for a baby shower or new arrival - *hint hint friends & family*

The white stars paired with the dusky pink background makes this Nobodinoz Changing Pad from Molly Meg a pretty addition to any changing bag. It's made with slightly cushioned fabric, which makes it nicer for little bottoms when being changed on harder surfaces. The Changing Pad is available in a wider range of patterns, but this is the one that really stood out to me.

The packaging for this Wee Gallery Organic Muslin Swaddle in Wild from Monkey McCoy is so unique and cute. Muslin cloths and swaddles are every parents saviour, as they're so multi-purpose and make pretty photo backdrops too.

If you know me well then you'll know that my favourite animal is the penguin; the way they walk, work together and their general cuteness has made them my favourite for years. So of course when I saw this adorable Pitter Patter Penguin: Baby's First Soft Book in Foyles it was always going to make it onto this wishlist.

In an attempt to make the nursery a bit more personal for the little one, rather than them essential sleeping in Isabella's old room, this Personalised Cloud Hanging Decoration from Paper & Wool really stood out to me. I love the font and colour choices available, such a pretty addition to any nursery.

This Rainbow Teether from blossom & BEAR adds a nice bit of colour, helps to relieve the pain of teething and looks pretty too. I know we won't need this for a while yet, but you can never be too organised and we all know how quickly time flies when children are involved.

What was/is on your baby wishlist?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x



  1. That soft book looks adorable!! I love Foyles.

  2. I love the co-sleeper idea, like you's a safe way to have them near you xx congratulations xx

  3. With my second and third babies, I didn't use a wishlist as I'd got most thing from my first! Clothes were the main things I needed and fresh teething toys

  4. They are all lovely. I worried about hand me downs with my two but the youngest loves getting his older brothers cast offs x

  5. I love the prints, I am the same I always want some in the house but have no idea where to put them x

  6. These are all great items to have on your baby wishlist, I don't know what I would want on mine {if ever got a chance} but the co-sleeper is definitely on top of the list.

  7. These are all gorgeous items! We are having our second baby in July, we haven't found out the gender but if it's a boy we already have everything and if it's a girl our littlest niece turns 1 in May so we will be inheriting all her clothes!!
    I especially love those quotes and I think I will get a couple of personalised things once the baby is born, as we've left the nursery as it is and moved our son into the bigger bedroom. We are getting a co sleeper too! Definitely appeals this time round. But I think we are buying a second hand Chico next to me one from a friend... the one you've picked looks much prettier! #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Lots of lovely things here. The rainbow bracelet is fab. The colours are gorgeous on it x

  9. Lots of cool things on your list. I had a next to me crib and it's a lifesaver in those early months not having to get out of bed to see to them.

  10. Love love love that changing pad! There are just too many pretty baby girl things in the world!

  11. I love the idea of a bedside co-sleeper and the Whisbear sounds brilliant. Fingers crossed it helps with encouraging your little one to sleep :-) #ablogginggoodtime

  12. I just had my second and since we had another girl, we already had most everything. The only thing I've wanted is new cloth diapers and another womb-sounds bear. The Whisbear sounds pretty awesome!

  13. All of these things are lovely! We didn't need much when our second was born either, but we still ended up with loads of new things! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  14. awww what a lovely wish list! all beautiful
    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime


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