Friday 11 August 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Building Towers, Wedding Anniversary & a Psychological Thriller

Happy Friday Everyone! What has the weather been doing this week? One minute it's bright sunshine, the next it is raining like it's never rained before. Luckily it didn't ruin any plans, as we had my auntie over on Monday to meet Poppy for the first time. It was such a lovely day, one of those days that really warms your heart. We also had Poppy's six week check from the health visitor; she's actually 8 weeks now but our usual HV was on holiday so a different one had to make a special visit to us. Poppy now weighs 12lb 2ozs, following her centile perfectly. Yay!

To be time rich or financially rich? blog post by Mummascribbles. I came across this blog post while linking up with TwinklyTuesday linky and it really got me thinking. Lisa, who is the lovely lady behind Mummascribbles, writes about how since giving up work to become a full-time mum she is enjoying being time rich rather than financially rich. When she was working she didn't see her eldest child for very long each day, so although she was earning more money she wasn't spending much time at home. As I'm currently on maternity leave I have the best of both worlds, still having some income yet all the time to spend with Poppy and Isabella. However, when that comes to an end it will bring some tough decisions about what to do about work taking into consideration the cost of putting two children into nursery. 
Trust Me. A new psychological thriller starring Jodie Whittaker (you may recognise her from Broadchurch) on the BBC, which started this week. Jodie plays the main, Cath, who was a good nurse but when she voiced her opinion that the standards were slipping on her ward she got sacked for whistleblowing. So when her best friend, an A&E doctor, has a party to celebrate her move to New Zealand Cath comes across her doctor paperwork and takes the desperate decision to steal her best friend's identity. It's a tense watch, but it looks like another gripping series. 

Happy Anniversary from my husband. On the 8th August it marked our three year wedding anniversary - where does the time go?! We've not exactly had a relaxed first few years of marriage with the birth of our two beautiful daughters and buying a house being the main things. My husband was planning on cooking a lovely meal on the evening of our anniversary, but his train was delayed all evening and he didn't get home until 9pm. We therefore opted to have the delicious feast the next day; it was lovely being cooked for, as I'm usually the one doing all the cooking. Also, if you were a Love Island fan like me then I'm sure you'll appreciate the card he got me... 

Towers with Isabella. We were kindly sent the Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks (£16.74 from amazon), which Isabella has been loving. She really enjoys building towers, but mostly then knocking them down! I really like that this set of blocks offers something different to your standard wooden blocks because some have slanted edges making it trickier to build a tower that stays up (testing children's fine motor skills) and there are a variety of different shaped blocks. We made houses, castles, bridges and towers all to be knocked down, of course. Anyone else's child like this? The set includes 22 blocks, some of which have little balls in so they make a noise when they are shaken. Isabella loved shaking them to entertain Poppy, while telling her all the things we were building. Toddler's imaginations are just incredible!

Frugi Juniper Jumper. What is this British summer weather? Long gone have the maxi dresses, sandals and sunglasses, instead I'm finding myself digging out jumpers, shirts and boots. Recently I was kindly sent the Juniper Jumper by Frugi, which is part of their new breastfeeding friendly clothing range and it has been perfect for this autumnal weather. It's so comfortable, lightweight and makes breastfeeding in public so much easier. I also really like the pops of yellow on the cuffs, adding something a bit different to a stripy jumper. 

Blackberry picking. The other day I noticed that there were load of blackberries growing in our front garden. Now I'd love to say these were home grown goodies that had come after lots of hard work in the garden, but in reality the blackberries essentially grow like a weed and we make the most of them. Isabella loved carefully picking them and filling up her bowl, luckily none were squashed into her white shirt. We then lay them on a baking tray, popped them in the freezer for an hour, decanted them into a sandwich bag and popped them back in the freezer. You don't get much fresher than that!
What have you been loving this week?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

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  1. Oh blackberry picking sounds fun, and happy anniversary, such a shame you had to celebrate a day late but at least you still got to x

  2. Blackberry picking must have been fun. We have been indoors most of the week.

  3. Those building blocks are just the cutest.
    Happy anniversary and thanks for the recommendation I've been looking for something new to watch

  4. Ahhhh happy anniversary lovely! That tower set looks absolutely epic - a great way of keeping a little busy too.

  5. Happy belated anniversary to you and Hubby, shame about the train but its the thought that counts right? I am also loving the jumper, its weird to think we dressing up in jumpers already.

  6. 'Trust Me' sounds good. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Happy anniversary! You did better than my hubby and I. We didn't even celebrate this year as our 7th wedding anniversary fell right during our relocation to Portugal. Must make up for it next year!

  8. I love Lisa's blog too. I didn't know she gave up her job. I don't know how she managed it all when she was still at work. But I agree with her. I am sure this is the best decision she made!

  9. I love this blog series! It's so important to look on what we enjoy each and every day. I completely agree that being time rich is much more important than being financially rich.

  10. Happy wedding anniversary - ours is on the 20th! Well we have two anniversaries, as, being Romanian, we had a civil ceremony here (with British husband's family) and a religious ceremony over there - with my family :)))) It's great that you have blackberries in your garden, love those.

  11. The blog post you shared is definitely a thought provoking one... The building blocks look lovely and the blackberry picking sounds fun. I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

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