Thursday 28 September 2017

BABY: Keeping warm over the autumn/winter with the ergoCocoon

ErgoPouch are an Australian brand offering natural, organic sleep products for babies and toddlers, including swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits. Something for all weathers and temperatures! All of the ergoPouch products are made with skin friendly natural breathable fibres paired with fun, stylish designs. What isn't there to love? Especially if they support your child in sleeping for longer. When Isabella was a baby she was really sensitive to the room temperature, if she wasn't just the right temperature then she wouldn't sleep. We were constantly adding and removing layers in an attempt to reach her optimum temperature, so with this in mind I was eager to find products that would help to keep Poppy at a comfortable temperature. We live in an old house, which is on the cooler side all year round, so warmer sleeping products are a must.  

Now that it's autumn and the temperature has drastically dropped we've started using the ergoCocoon Winter Swaddle and Sleep Bag* (£38.95) with Poppy. It's a 2.5 tog sleeping bag that also offers a swaddle option amongst other clever features. We have it in the 3-12 month size and it is the perfect size for Poppy now, with lots of growing room for the future. I like that it will last so long and take her through the whole of autumn/winter. The ergoCocoon has a 2 in 1 transitional system, which means that it has an option to swaddle and then by undoing the poppers on either side of the sleeping bag your baby's arms can be free. This makes it a really good option for transitioning between swaddling and a sleeping bag, as your baby gets older. 
We didn't really swaddle Poppy after leaving the hospital, however I was surprised when she seemed to really like being in the swaddle mode of the ergoCocoon. It is a safe, uncomplicated way to swaddle at home and is officially hip healthy too. I like that it gives us parents the option, which is more often than not led by what your baby prefers. At the moment Poppy has her arms out, but when it gets really cold I will probably put her arms in the swaddle to help keep her that bit warmer. The base is bell shaped, which allows baby's legs to move freely while giving them the comfort of being held securely on the top half.
The two-way zipper is such a convenient feature, which makes those dreaded midnight nappy changes a bit easier. It means you don't have to completely strip your baby to change their nappy, instead you can unzip the bottom half, keeping them all snug on the top half. 
There is a room thermometer also included with the ergoCocoon, which has a really helpful dressing guide that advises you what your baby should be wearing depending on the temperature. I love this and have used it every night when getting Poppy changed into her pyjamas. It's such a quick way of seeing whether she needs a long sleeved or short sleeved vest, which tog sleeping bag is appropriate and what the temperature is in our bedroom.
Does/did your baby like being swaddled?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. Oh I love this!! I wish they did them in adult sizes! They look super warm and cosy, mine loved being swaddled but we didn't have anything like this.

  2. I love that it allows you to swaddle them. And how good that it isn't just a one-size thing but goes with them as they get bigger.

  3. Swaddling is so important for babies, i'm glad this product does that as one option out of many. Saves you from buying multiple products.

  4. I personally wouldn't swaddle my children, but I love that it can be used as a sleep bag as well. It looks so snug and cosy! Perfect for winter months.

  5. I love the design and the colours, so adorable. We swore by baby sleeping bags when ours were little

  6. This is cool- a swaddle and a sleep bag in one. It looks so comfy I'm sure any mom would want it for their babies.

  7. It's reassuring that they pay so much attention to temperature control. They seem to be aware of the problem of baby's overheating. Nice product!

  8. What a brilliant product, I could have done with that for my twins. They loved being swaddled but I worried they would get cold

  9. Oh wow this is such a gorgeous grow bag and perfect going into the colder months - so beautiful

    Laura x

  10. How cool is the ergocoocon, I like that you can change you baby without stripping this off them.


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