Friday 22 September 2017

#LITTLELOVES: Photoshoot with Poppy, #BakeitforBabies & The Supermum Myth

Happy Friday everyone! The first half of this week was so busy, with an exciting photoshoot and lots of blogging jobs to do. Luckily, the second half of the week has been a lot more relaxed, with a pyjama day yesterday involving a teddy bear's picnic, sticking all the pom poms to endless sheets of paper and rediscovering my love for glitter glue! I know there's still a week or so of September left, but I am SO excited for October. It's one exciting plan after another throughout the month, making it super busy but I'm ready for it.

The Supermum Myth*. The premise behind this book is to stop parents feeling like a failure and to start enjoying parenthood. It addresses many of the 'supermum myths' and brings everything back down to reality. Life as a parent is hard enough without worrying or comparing yourself to others, which is easier said than done with social media and the internet. It is very easy to think other parents have nailed this whole parenting 'thing' - the perfect images on Instagram, Twitter updates on their day and the most pristine house anyone ever did see. The Supermum Myth takes away the smoke and mirrors of parenthood and says it how it really is. It's been a reassuring read because having entered the world of parenting two children relatively recently I've never felt more stretched as a mother. I often feel pulled in so many different directions that taking a moment to read The Supermum Myth has reminded me that I'm not alone in my parenting struggles.
Poppy being filmed for a brand campaign. This was not only the highlight of the week, but a highlight of my adult life. Poppy was given the opportunity to be part of a filming project for a brand and seeing the behind the scenes was beyond interesting. I felt like a sponge for the day, trying to take in everything that was said and done. How the filming crew managed the lighting, camera equipment and planned out their shots - if only I had the budget to upgrade my camera/lighting situation at home! It was such a proud moment watching Poppy smiling away to the camera and now I'm so excited to see the finished footage. 

Videos on how to knit on the Stich & Story website. I've decided to try and teach myself how to knit and do you know what? I'm loving it. It's screen-free time, relaxing (when it is going well!) and a but of 'me time'. It's actually not been anywhere near as hard as I found it when I was seven years old and trying to get my knitting badge at Brownies! I have grand plans of the things I'm going to knit now, through I should probably be a bit more realistic about my skill level. A girl can dream though...

Fairy cakes with Isabella. A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox all about a campaign that The Lullaby Trust have launched called #BakeitforBabies. As they don't receive any Government funding, raising money and awareness through campaigns like this one is very important. The Lullaby Trust support bereaved families, fund research into the causes and prevention of sudden infant death and raise awareness of their life saving safer sleep advice. All of which are so incredibly important, so raising money through #BakeitforBabies is vital for the charity's work. This year they are asking for people to get involved with some baking between the 6th and 12th November 2017. You can sign up for a free fundraising here, which includes everything you'll need to host a #BakeitforBabies event. What better excuse do you have to eat cake and drink tea? All while raising money for such a good cause too!

Pyjamas. The best part of having a relaxed second half of the week is not having to bother with make-up, getting dressed or even brushing my hair. Sometimes those days are just what is needed and now I feel ready to tackle the weekend, clothes and all!
The summer sales seem to be never ending this year. On Sunday my husband and Isabella went swimming, whilst Poppy and I went shopping. I only planned to pick up a burgundy cardigan, but ended up getting lots of reduced clothes for Poppy and Isabella from Mini Club at Boots and Primark. I'm now on the look out for something suitable for Poppy to wear swimming - what would you dress a 3 month old in for swimming? We have swimming costumes, but I'm not sure that will be warm enough?

What have you been loving this week?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

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  1. Ooh the brand campaign sounds exciting! And I'll be keeping an eye out for the Supermum book 👍

  2. Supermum book !!!! Sounds fantastic ! I too shall have to keep an eye out for it! The brand campaign does sound exciting , good luck with it all lady x

  3. The book sounds great and how exciting about the filming, it must have been a lot of fun to watch x

  4. The filming sounds very exciting! This week we have been enjoying Autumn, including a fun scavenger hunt with friends today and lots of Autumnal baking.

  5. I've been promising myself for the last year that I will teach myself how to knit but this winter will be the season I will finally do it! Fingers crossed that I have the patience to see me through!

  6. It sounds like you have had a lovely week. Ours has been hard work to be honest with Daddy on crutches and my daughter having an operation :(

  7. Congratulations that your little one had filmed a campaign!
    I like the book you mentioned, we like to compare ourselves and always feel like a failure because we don´t see all the stuff that is hidden.

  8. Congrats on your little one's campaign. That is fab news. I would love to read that book.

  9. The book sounds fab, i will have to check it out. Congrats on your little ones campaign it all sounds very exciting.

  10. Look how proud Isabella looks with her cupcakes! Bless her

  11. Isabella looks so chuffed with her cupcakes bless her! How exciting about Poppy's campaign, sounds very exciting! I think Poppy will be ok in a swimming cossie, the pool will be heated and if you get anything bigger, like one of the UV sunsuit type things, it's just more wet material to stick to her, which will probably make her even colder. If you're worried the baby pool is always much warmer, so you could start her off in there ;-) Have a great week x

  12. Oh She looks so adorable here and really pleased with your cakes too. How exciting about Poppy's campaign. Huge congrats. #littleloves

  13. Oh my goodness! Such exciting news about the brand campaign for Poppy!
    I like the sound of that Supermum book, I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
    Hope you're having a good week so far xx

  14. I love posts like these! Really exciting news about the brand campaign! I look forward to seeing it. I'll have to have a read of that supermum book, I always feel like I am falling short.


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