Wednesday 25 April 2018

HOME: Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Environment as a Parent

HOME: Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Environment as a Parent
Parenthood and sleep don't typically go hand in hand, that's for sure. Since entering the world of parenthood just over three years ago sleep has been a luxury that comes along very rarely. If you're a parent then you'll understand and if you're someone who's children slept through the night from a young age...please tell me your secrets?! As sleep is so precious once you become a parent then creating a calming and peaceful bedroom environment can be key to feeling well rested (even if you're eye bags tell a different story).
When it comes to making your bedroom an inviting place to relax I've found that choosing a cosy duvet cover, covering the bed in pillows (that you'll inevitably spend hours each month taking them on and off the bed) and having a super soft throw at the end of the bed really helps. When I make the extra effort to make the bed properly it's always feels so much more relaxing getting snuggled into it and it makes the bedroom feel like a place for pure relaxation.
The Yorkshire Linen Co. have a beautiful range of duvet covers, pillowcases, curtains, cushions and throws available to help make your bedroom the peaceful place it should be. There are duvet covers available in a wide range of beautiful patterns, designs and colours, as well as bedspreads/throws for every colour palette. When it came to decorating our bedroom we choose to go for a grey tones, with the chimney breast being a darker grey and the walls a very light cool toned grey. We also have painted wooden floorboards with a couple of rugs to keep our toes warm in the winter months, so when it comes to duvet covers I tend to choose white or grey sets. Nothing is more inviting than fresh, crisp white bedsheets in my opinion, don't you agree? 
I also love to have a few different scented candles in my bedroom, even if they never get lit. Choosing a calming lavender scent can help settle you off to sleep, whilst the flickering of a lit candle is an easy way to lower the light levels in your bedroom. Using a pillow mist can also help send me off to the land of nod even quicker than usual and there is the added bonus of it making our bedroom smell like a spa.
What are your top tips for creating a peaceful bedroom environment?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x

*Thank you to The Yorkshire Linen Co. for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. Oh, our bedroom is not a peaceful place to be at all. We currently have the two youngest in our room so it looks more like a nursery! Haha! I'll definitely remember your suggestions when the time comes. :D

  2. These beds look amazing! Especially as I haven't slept since my daughter was born in December. It becomes almost an obsession, glad it's not just me, they look gorgeous though!

  3. I think the most important way to have a peaceful bedroom is to limit screen time and technology, for example we don't take our laptops into the bedroom at all x

  4. Great ideas, I love my bedroom for relaxing in. Comfy pillows are a must!

  5. We definitely need to revamp our bedsheets. I've not bought any news ones in about two years! I think having candles in the room definitely makes for a more calming environment. I've also put up fairy lights which are lovely for making the room all cosy!

  6. I had a baby who slept really well! Then she turned into a toddler and all of that went out the window! lol. For me, keeping my room clear of clutter is a big one for me. It's nice to escape the messy house into at least one clean room!

  7. One thing I invested in big time for a relaxing room is a good mattress and pillows, I light candles when relaxing in my room and love the duvet covers I bought recently.


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