Wednesday 1 May 2019

CELEBRATIONS: Our Joint 4th and 2nd Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

CELEBRATIONS: Our Joint 4th and 2nd Mermaid Themed Birthday Party
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At the beginning of April Isabella turned four and in June Poppy will be two; honestly where does the time go? While they are both young (and aren't at school yet!) we have really enjoyed throwing them a joint party together. It helps to keep costs down, Poppy doesn't have many friends of her own (second child problems), it means they can be excited together and it makes it easier to get all of their friends/family together. This may well be the last joint party they have though, as Isabella starts school in September. I have to admit it did take me a while to decide whether to do a party at all this year because on the run up I was struggling with morning sickness, as I'm currently pregnant with our third baby. I wasn't sure whether I could manage planning a party, especially as previous parties have always been quite an event to put on. After a lot of deliberations and Isabella asking when her party was going to be the guilt got too much I decided to try and throw a slightly toned down version of previous parties. 

Planning a party with a four year old was so much fun, as it was the first year Isabella was able to offer opinions, suggest themes and help out with the party preparations. She settled on wanting a mermaid party for them both, so that's what we went for and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together using the Party Pieces website. We have been sourcing our party decorations from Party Pieces for years now and I can't recommend them enough. Their website is filled to the brim with party decorations, catering, cakes, banners, tableware etc., all in an array of themes and colour palettes. It truly is a one stop shop for all things party, which was just what I needed to help keep the preparations as simple as possible. Time is a luxury when you're a parent, so anything that helps to achieve your celebration goals quickly is a winner with me. 
I managed to order almost everything we needed to throw the mermaid party exclusively from Party Pieces, as well as using some party items we already had from previous events/our wedding. It saved hours of browsing the internet and I couldn't have been happier with the way the party turned out. Isabella and Poppy stayed at home while we transformed the party venue, so seeing their faces when they walked in was just so magical. Poppy was fascinated by the balloons, while Isabella loved going around spotting all of the mermaids. For previous parties it has taken us over three hours to set up, but this time we did it all in only just over an hour! My biggest hack for saving time was to use food boxes instead of a buffet for the children's food. On the party invitations we asked parents to RSVP with their child's sandwich and drink choice from the options provided. This meant that we could fill each child's food box on the morning of the party and then place them in their space at the table. We went for Purple Food Boxes (£1.49 for 4 pack) and filled each one with a sandwich, bottle of drink, tube of yogurt and a little pot of chopped up grapes (using these Rainbow Scalloped Paper Tubs Small £2.59 for 36 pack). On the children's table we also had Lets Be Mermaid Shell Party Plates (£4.49 for 8 pack) with sausage rolls, party rings, crudité and crisps on for them to help themselves. This seemed to work really well, kept preparation time to a minimum and reduced food waste too.
We also always cater for the adults at the party too, mainly because a lot of family come from afar and we don't want them leaving hungry. Again, I kept this more simple this year by offering a variety of different pizzas, salads, dips, crudité, crisps etc., as well as homemade cakes, brownies, flans etc. A lot of the preparations could be done a week or so in advance and frozen, such as the brownies, scones and under the sea biscuits. We used these Chalkboard Label Picks (£2.99 for 24 pack) to label all of the different food, so that it was easier for our guests and I think they looked really smart too. 
On to how their Mermaid Party turned out...
Mermaid Piñata (£12.99) 
Mermaid Birthday Cake (£10 from Sainsburys)
 Mermaid Birthday Cake (£10 from ASDA) 
 Mini Mermaid Tattoos (£1.49 for 8 pack)
Lets Be Mermaid Party Bags (£10.99 for 8 pack)
 Glitter Pencils (£1.49 for 6 pack)
 Iridescent Paper Party Cups (£3.49 for 12 pack)
 Lets Be Mermaids Shell Party Napkins (£4.99 for 16 pack)
 Plastic Cutlery Turquoise (£1.99 for 18 pack)

What would/is your favourite party theme?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. This is such a lovely idea - and I adore the table cloths!! How sweet! You can almost see the crabs bobbing along...

  2. You've put so much thought into every part of the party, food, decorations, bags etc. So adorable!

  3. Lovely that you could have a joint birthday for the girls and absolutely love the mermaid theme - you are so creative!

  4. This is the cutest little Mermaid birthday party. I absolutely love it. I hope they had a wonderful day!

  5. such a gorgeous idea and that cake is amazing!

  6. This looks like a fab party, I love party pieces too and used to get all my eldest daughters party stuff from there many years ago (back when it was a catalogue) x

  7. Some lovely ideas here, Eliza had a mermaid party this year

  8. What gorgeous ideas! You did such a great job.

  9. Aw I love this! What a great theme to have. The table centre is so striking too and all those baked treats sound amazing

  10. Aww what a lovely theme for a party. Looks so pretty

  11. How lovely is this. Such a great theme for a beautiful birthday party for sure xx

  12. What a gorgeous party theme! We're just having Oscar's party at soft play this year so there's not really a theme to it, as such. Last year though we had a PJ Masks one, which everyone loved :)

    Louise x

  13. What an amazing theme, I love all the little touches and the colours are so beautiful! It definitely looks like they had an amazing party! The purple boxes for food are such a great idea too, I may have to look into these for my little girls party next month!


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