Tuesday 21 May 2019

PARENTHOOD: What to Expect at The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham

What to Expect at The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham
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When Isabella was only around 4 weeks old we went to our first The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham and after hours of wandering around, using all of the baby-friendly facilities and filling the pram with all of the goodies we went home feeling part of a much larger parenting network that was new to us back then. It opened our eyes as first time parents to the incredible world of babies and toddlers, along with the vast array of products there are out there to support the exciting journey throughout those early years. Fast forward four years and we are so excited to be expecting our third baby; although we certainly aren't 'new parents' anymore the world of babies is always evolving and changing.
I was beyond excited to be visiting The Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham at the weekend; the type of excitement that brought on butterflies. If you are a first time parent or third, fourth, fifth time parent I can't recommend going to The Baby Show enough. Not only will you spend the day surrounded by all of the beautiful baby bumps from the mothers-to-be visiting, but there are also so many incredible show deals on a vast range of products and an array of classes/shows you can attend. There are three The Baby Show's throughout the year, two of which are in London (ExCel and Olympia) and the May show is at the NEC, so you can choose the time of year/location that most suits you. 
As well as being the perfect shopping day for parents/parents-to-be there are also lots of informative classes, shows and guest speakers throughout the three day event. Some of the guest speakers who attended the 2019 show were: Louise Pentland, Al Ferguson, Lucy Shrimpton (The Sleep Nanny), Jenni Dunman (Founder of Daisy First Aid), Charlotte Stirling-Reed (Nutrition Consultant) and Sioned Hilton (Lactation Consultant). There is also a timetable of shows available to watch on the Live Stage with MadeForMums, including: Baby First Aid - Free Daisy First Aid Demonstrations, How to Wean Masterclass, MadeForMums Buggy Buying Guide, Breastfeeding: Everything You Need to Know, How to Approach Birth with Positivity and Confidence, Sleeping Soundly: How to Get the Best from your Baby's Sleep and Becoming a Dad: Expectation vs. Reality.

You can also prepare for birth and early parenthood by booking onto one of the 45-minute classes run by NCT practitioners. They are £15 per person to book onto and cover topics such as The New Parent Survival Guide, A Step-by-Step Guide to Breastfeeding, The Expectant Parent Essential Guide to Crying, Calming and Sleeping and Your Labour and Pain Management Techniques. We did NCT classes when pregnant with Isabella and found them incredibly useful for preparing us for the life of parenthood that we were about to begin. 

One of my favourite parts of visiting The Baby Show has to be the shopping because it is a very rare occasion to have so many different baby brands all in one place, as well as offering discounts/deals too. We absolutely loved browsing all of the different stands throughout the day and it is especially helpful if you're looking to make a bigger purchase, such as a car seat, pushchair, travel system, highchair etc. You are able to see, touch and try out all of these products, as well as ask any questions you may have. I couldn't begin to list all of the incredible brands that exhibit at The Baby Show because there are so many, but there is a full list here and some of the ones that caught our eye for offering innovative products were: Peg Perego, Ergobaby, Aqua Wipes, Bluebell, Childs Farm, Cuddledry, Elvie, The Little Green Sheep, Lily and Ribbon, Nuby, Shnuggle, Stokke and Sleepyhead. 

You'll also probably not attend an event that is more baby-friendly than The Baby Show, as they have so many facilities throughout the show that are there to make our life easier as parents. There is a Tommee Tippee Feeding Area, Lidl's Lupilu Baby Changing Area, Playtime in Style with Munchkin & Bear, Joie's Central Café, Baby Café and The Kids Corner. Many of which offer complementary products to try out, such as nappies, wipes, breast pads and food pouches. There is also Emma's Diary Shop & Drop & Collect by Car to make life even easier!
We honestly had such a special day out together discovering how much has changed in the world of baby products, making the most of the bargains and simply spending time focusing on our third baby. Every baby you have it gets harder to focus on one specifically, so to have a day where we could immerse ourselves in all things baby was bliss and has made our excitement levels for baby number three that much higher. So if you're expecting or a parent already then I'd highly recommend finding out when the next show is nearest to you and having a special day attending too.
Have you been to The Baby Show before?

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  1. I've heard amazing things about this from family members who have been. Can't believe how much stuff is there!

  2. I've never been to the baby show before as I don't have kids and aren't planning but your excitement for this is probably the same as my excitement for the grand designs show x

  3. Wow, looks like a great idea for new parents and soon to be parents. I'll have to mention this to my pregnant colleague!

  4. I'd have loved to go to the Baby show when I was expecting or my kids were young. I do love these kind of exhibitions. Mich x

  5. Wow this sounds amazing, I never knew events like this exist for the baby world! I love looking at baby clothes, I will have to keep this in mind when I do become a mum! I’m glad the event is on 3 times a year and two in London makes life more convenient!

  6. Aw - it looks lovely! Congratulations on your pregnancy. My try are 8 and 10 now but I would have loved to go to something like this

  7. I love visiting the Baby Show, so many brands to see and get hands on with products

  8. I was on a stall there a few years ago. It's such an amazing place and can be quite intimidating for parents to be.

  9. We've never been to the Baby Show but wish we did when I was younger and my mummy was expecting as it looks like you can pick up a lot of stuff there!

  10. Oh wow what an amazing show with so much to see and do, perfect for parents at any stage of parenthood! I wish I had gone when mine were little as it sounds like you got lots of help, tips and insight during your visit! x

  11. I've never been although I do keep meaning to attend!

  12. I went to one years ago when my now 14 yr old was a baby, I bet it's changed so much as there are so many new wonderful brands out there now. I will go when I have Grandchildren if it's still going!

  13. I used to love heading to baby shows, now I have an excuse to visit again as my daughter is expecting :)


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