Tuesday 10 September 2019

PARTY PLANNING: Throwing a Rose Gold Hen Party

PARTY PLANNING: Throwing a Rose Gold Hen/Bachelorette Party
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Throwing a Hen Party (or Bachelorette Party if you're in America) is such an honour and exciting event to be part of; the love and thought that is poured into the planning makes this one of my favourite parties to throw. At the end of this year my sister-in-law is getting married, so this summer we threw her a very special Rose Gold Hen Party and it was just incredible. The planning process was very much a team effort amongst her friends and family, which was such a lovely way to do it and meant that it didn't all land on one person's shoulders. 

The location was decided pretty early on and as part of the package we booked each guest had two nights accommodation in a lodge, afternoon tea, spa treatment, day in the spa, evening meal and hotel breakfast. It is really worth looking as far in advance as you can because there are often impressive discounts for booking a certain number of weeks in advance, whether you're looking at a spa day, hotel or alternative accommodation. If there is a good size group of you it is always worth enquiring about a group discount to help keep costs down. A big chunk of the cost per guest is often the activity/accommodation, but it is also worth taking into account any decorations, tableware, party bags and gifts you may want to include as part of the Hen Do experience.
Personally, I absolutely love party planning; there is something so magical about making any event special for a loved one. Creating those memories, moments and experiences that can be treasured forever is incredible. I think I fell in love with party planning when I had my first daughter and threw her first birthday party. Ever since I've jumped at any opportunity to throw a party, this Hen Party included! However, life is always pretty busy now that I have two young children and another one on the way, so finding ways to be time efficient but still include those thoughtful touches was really important to me. Luckily, Pinnable Parties offer an array of event planning skills, decorations and all of those thoughtful touches you want when throwing a party. They offer four main packages:
  1. The Party Box - A box of handpicked party accessories and decorations to fit almost any occasion or theme. These can be customised or standard and this is what I used when it came to putting together the decorations for my sister-in-law's Hen Party.
  2. Event Planning - Kent based wedding and event planning where nothing is too much and they will work with you to create a completely bespoke package.
  3. Venue Set Up - Takes the stress out of your party set up and means that you can focus on enjoying yourself.
  4. Full Package - Finally, they offer the Full Package which can include planning, decorating, setting up etc.; essentially anything you need help with when it comes to throwing your special event.

When it came to ordering The 'Bride to Be' Hen Party Box (£45) the lovely Ami (who runs Pinnable Parties) and myself discussed the colour scheme for the Hen Do and the type of decorations/tableware I'd need for the number of guests coming. As we had ten guests staying over The Party Box was equipped with all of the key tableware and decorations for all of us, saving me time yet still keeping in line with our party planning vision. The Party Box for our Hen Party included the following beautiful items:
  •  Bride to Be Sash
  • Team Bride Paper Plates
  • Team Bride Glasses
  • Team Bride Paper Cups
  • Team Bride Table Confetti
  • Bride to Be Advice Cards
  • Hen Party Photo Booth Props
  • Miss to Mrs Confetti Balloons
  • Team Bride Party Bags
  • Team Bride Bunting 

All of these were in the matching rose gold range, so they worked together perfectly and really set off the rose gold theme for the whole event. The only extra decorations we wanted to get were a table cloth, party bag fillers and a rose gold door fringe to act as a backdrop, so not much at all. I can't recommend ordering a Party Box from Pinnable Parties enough if you're also looking to throw a thoughtful event, whether that be a birthday party, baby shower, wedding, hen party, christening etc. 

Have you been to a Hen Party before? If so, what are your favourite memories from it?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. Ohhhh I love this post! My wedding is next year and rose gold is in my colour scheme.

    I’m sending this post to my bridesmaids as it ticks all my boxes!

    Thank you for sharing x

  2. I love the rose gold theme, the decorations are so pretty and stylish. I love everything that is available these days, you can really go to town!

  3. These decorations look amazing and the kit sounds ideal for a Hen party. Things have come a long way since mine. My sister got a lot of plastic tat and the usual "hen party" props but I would have preferred something in this style!

  4. Rose gold is a great trend for hen parties, love this post. Makes me want to have another hen party x

  5. Oh rose gold is such a pretty colour for a hen party, I love your styling.

  6. I love all the rose gold! I had a very informal hen night - we went to a paint your own pottery place near our house, and there for a couple games of pool afterwards. It's our 10th anniversary today!

  7. I am amazed at how much is available for hen parties. I am sure it will be fun.

  8. The last hen party I attended was pink and gold themed and it was absolutely gorgeous.


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