Wednesday 22 January 2020

FAMILY: Must-do tips to make a family day out to remember

FAMILY: Must-do tips to make a family day out to remember
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We make memories that last a lifetime on days out with our children, but family trips can often be daunting, with much to think about. Young families went on four holidays on average across 2018, with staycations just as important as those longer trips abroad for creating cherished moments. Getting everything to go off without a hitch is never straightforward but following our guide should ensure you can focus on what’s important on your trip.

Get your bags packed early
If you’ve only got a day set aside for your trip, you don’t want to start it rushing around trying to make sure you’ve remembered to take everything. Get ahead of the game by packing, and checking, everything the night before so you’re ready to roll the next day.

Be prepared for everything
Shorts, raincoats, wellies, change of clothes – take it all. Especially in the UK, you never know what will come from above. Be on the safe side, and you can press ahead come rain, sun – or whatever! If you’re out and about, you might not be able to stick to your regular meal schedules, so pack plenty of snacks to keep hangry spells at bay.
Involve your children in your passions
Don’t just do things because you think the kids will like it, why not involve them in something you love too? If you speak to your little ones about something you love, your excitement will rub off on them. If you love animals, head to zoo. Or are you a sports fan? Take them with you to see your favourite team.
Make sure the children are ready
Queues, quiet places and journeys can all provide flashpoints in the day but prepare your children by telling them exactly what is to come and unexpected upsets can easily be swerved.
Ease the strain, take the train
The car might be quicker but mixing things up with a train journey can take the pressure off you, as well as give the little ones an exciting experience. Book your tickets in advance to save some cash, too. You could even make even make significant savings on a relatively short journey, like travelling from Clapham Junction to Wembley Central, by booking in advance, travelling at off-peak times and looking into which railcards work for you.

Look after yourself
Be sure to pack refreshments for yourself, you don’t want to get dehydrated if you forget to drink enough water. Plus, if travelling with infants, you might need to pack some clothes for yourself, just in case of moments of sickness. Keep the pressure off yourself, too, by keeping your schedule light. If you’re rushing around to fit everything in, you might be whisking the children away from something they loved.

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  1. I agree planning is essential as is getting your children's buy in. If they are a fan of your day out too that will help to make it more successful!

  2. I think sharing your passions is so important. Hence my
    Little man was dragged around the RAF Museum this week. He loved all the aircraft.

  3. You're definitely right about being prepared for everything; especially if travelling with kids and having to contend with the English weather. But it's lovely to make memeories.

  4. I think setting expectations is so important with children. It can really help a day out go smoothly

  5. Everyone laughs that I am prepared for all eventualities, but I would rather that than forgetting something and having a moaning child

  6. Brilliant tips, I used to get myself so uptight and stressed about coping with the 3 children I would come home with a migraine! I've learnt now to control that, be more organised and calmer about things too.

  7. I absolutely hate not being organised when going on a family day out! We end up spending so much more money on food, drinks and anything else we may need because we haven't planned properly and it drives me crazy. I agree that doing things you love with kids is great, it may spark a new interest for them too.

  8. I LOVE last-minute planning ... but never on the actual day of travel - so I write lists. Pack 90% the day before then have a checklist of what else needs doing. This way nothing gets left behind!

  9. These are great tips I do find days out can be hit and miss with my two. The bad trips are when I do not pack enough snacks to keep them going. Nothing worse than a hungry toddler!

  10. Yes to all of these! I always get our bags packed the night before, and usually it looks like I'm prepared for the apocalypse, lol. We don't actually have a car, so always take public transport.

  11. Being prepared for any event is always advice I give to my mama friends. Nothing worse than being unprepared with little ones


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