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PARENTHOOD: Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Gift Ideas
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In the UK, fewer and fewer children are being Christened, whether it’s because of changing beliefs, or simply not having enough time or even money to plan and organise one. However, I was curious to look into the traditions of a Christening – as well as some of the best Christening gifts out there if you have one coming up this year.  

What is a Christening?
A Christening is simply a ceremony in which your child is welcomed into the Christian church. Christening’s always take place in a church, and usually during the Sunday service of a church, so that the whole congregation can offer a warm welcome to you and your family. During the service itself, parents and godparents make important promises for the child. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of the service is when water is poured over the child’s head by the vicar. This is the child’s baptism and is a sign of a new beginning and becoming part of God’s family. You can have your baby or child christened at any age, but there are different forms of the service for older children and adults. 

What are good Christening gifts?
The origin of gift giving for Christening’s dates back to around the fourth century, when parents asked their friends and family to sponsor their children into the church. A gift specifically from godparents symbolises the presents given by the three Magi to Jesus Christ when he was born – hence why, traditionally we have three godparents. Silver items are often given as Christening gifts and this idea dates back to Tudor times, when the silver item could then be sold when the child came of age and meant they could be financially independent. 
Traditional Christening gifts
A hugely popular Christening gift is a silver bracelet. Available in a variety of styles, they can be engraved too, providing a truly personal present. 
Silver spoons are often given as gifts and hark back to Tudor times. It’s also where the saying “Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” comes from.
If you’re looking for a practical yet traditional gift, money boxes are always a thoughtful present. And it’s something that you can add to for the child’s birthday or on other special occasions. 
Modern Christening gifts
Buying a classic collection of books that have been given modern makeovers are perfect. Collections such as Beatrix Potter or Roald Dahl are always firm favourites and are sure to be treasured for years to come. 

Beatrix Potter books
Buying a star for the child is a lovely idea as Christening gift. As the child gets older, showing them where in the sky the star is, is a great way to bond, too.

Since crafting has become cool again, cross-stitching a commemorative piece is a unique and thoughtful gift.

So, whether you’re thinking of having a Christening, have been asked to become a godparent, or are attending one as a guest, it’s important to remember Christening’s are a celebration of love and family.

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  1. It's really hard to know what to get especially when you don't have children. By this stage parents also have what they need so I find that giving money can be good option to allow parents to save it for the child in an account or buy something they might need.

  2. Cross-stitching is something I love to do, so usually end up doing a keepsake piece as a gift

  3. I like the idea of a money box or else I would go for something hand-made.

  4. I love going to a christening, they are so lovely. Lots of great ideas for gifts.

  5. Aw so many lovely ideas here. It is always nice to gift at a christening and the start of a child's journey xx

  6. Both of mine are christened, only because I had it in my head that my kids would go to hell if they weren't. Courtesy of my catholic nan bless her lol! I like the traditional bracelets or saving jars :)

  7. We did not get the boys christened but they had a naming ceremony with their first birthday parities. And were both gifted first hair and tooth pots.

  8. My father is a retired minister and christened both our boys. They could have been no gift more special than that itself. And they both wore the gown that I myself, and my two younger siblings, were christened in.

  9. My daughter has just had a baby but doesn't want to get her christened. I am hoping they may do a naming ceremony instead


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