Wednesday 12 February 2020

PARENTHOOD: The Differences between having a Spring/Summer Baby compared to an Autumn/Winter Baby

PARENTHOOD: The Differences between having a Spring/Summer Baby compared to an Autumn/Winter Baby
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Prior to having children I hadn't really thought about the potential differences between having a baby in the spring/summer compared to autumn/winter. Expecting and having a baby is such an incredible experience whenever in the year it happens, but after being lucky enough to have three children at different times of year it has been interesting to see the impact the season has. There are perhaps a surprising amount of differences I've personally found with having a baby in the warmer months compared to the colder ones. There is no 'best' time of year to have a baby, anytime is special, so let's look at some of the differences...

The warmer months during spring/summer are such a beautiful time of year to have a baby. My first daughter was born at the beginning of April and my second daughter was born in the middle of June, so I have experience of both spring and summer. The sun is shining, getting outside is easy, flowers are blooming everywhere, however the heat can make babywearing and breastfeeding a challenge.
  • Typically a lot more time is spent outdoors
  • Nicer weather to get out for walks/days out
  • Typically less germs/illnesses flying around 
  • Minimal clothing needed if the weather is warm 
  • It's the perfect time to go on holiday as a family
  • Everywhere looks pretty with flowers and splashes of colours
  • Take photographs of your beautiful newborn baby is easier as there is better light and prettier places to visit
  • Everywhere is prettier to visit with flowers and sunshine 
  • Breastfeeding can get very hot and sweaty 
  • It can be hard to keep your baby cool enough
  • Babywearing gets too hot at times
  • Hospitals when giving birth are even hotter than usual


As those colder months settle in, the leaves turn all sorts of beautiful colours and we all start to cosy up for the run up to Christmas. My son was born at the end of October, so he is our experience of an autumn baby and has been a newborn baby throughout winter. There is something so lovely about making your home all cosy, bringing home your new baby and using the colder weather as an excuse to just soak up those newborn days. The run up to Christmas is always so exciting and the perfect chance to introduce your precious new arrival to family and friends. 
  • Breastfeeding is cooler
  • Your baby acts like a little hot water bottle during all those sleepy cuddles
  • Wearing a scarf acts as the perfect breastfeeding cover for on-the-go
  • Weather is colder, so more layers are required
  • Potentially more days off together as a family with Christmas and New Year
  • The colder/miserable weather is the perfect excuse to stay at home in the newborn bubble for longer 
  • Visiting anywhere in the car is a lengthy process, as you have to put your baby into a snowsuit or coat when you get out
  • Judging how many layers your baby needs can be hard when going between indoors and outdoors
  • Typically a lot more time is spent indoors
  • More illnesses/germs flying around that you and/or your baby may catch
  • More layers of clothing needed
  • Low light can make taking photographs tricky 
La Coqueta have a stunning range of Spanish baby clothes that change each season making them perfect for dressing your children all year round. One of my favourite pieces from their latest Spring/Summer '20 Collection are these Burma Baby Long Dungarees, as they can be worn throughout the summer months with a short sleeved vest underneath and then into autumn/winter with a long sleeved top and cardigan or jumper over the top.

If you have children, did you find the time of year you gave birth made a difference?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. Those dungarees are adorable :) My two were both born in the winter, one on bonfire night and the other the week before Christmas, so I'd add another downside that the winter can get very expensive once you start doing birthdays in the holidays!! Although, on the plus side, my youngest always has fireworks on her special night...

  2. It's nice that both times of the year have their upsides. We had our daughter in Singapore which meant everyday was hot and sweaty but I kind of loved that as she just knocked around in a nappy and that was all most of the time.

  3. I've covered 3 seasons with mine so see what you mean. I think Summer was the best time for me as we could get out more. Autumn and Winter were not so good.

  4. You know I had never thought of any of these things. Makes total sense though thinking about it lol

  5. I had my son in November and my daughter in July so had complete opposites. I found it much better having a baby in the winter than the summer, I felt like I needed to wrap baby up all cosy but it was way too hot in the summer to do that. Also I found that my daughters umbilical cord really didn't smell pleasant in the heat whereas my sons I didn't even notice it

  6. Erin was born on NYD. It's a horrible day to be born really.

  7. I had two winter babies (end of November). Being born at almost exactly the same time of year, meant that the seasonal clothes fitted baby no.2 at the right time, so that was a plus.

  8. There really is a big difference in having a baby in winter compared to the warmer weather. Having done both at the time it can feel like a big deal but as they get older you do get to enjoy all the seasons together


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