Wednesday 6 January 2021

HOW TO: Easy Decoration Ideas for a DIY Frozen Cake

There is no denying the popularity of Frozen; the characters, story lines, spin offs and endless merchandise are loved by children of all ages. My two daughters are big fans, so when Poppy turned three years old this year she requested a Frozen inspired day and cake. Embracing the challenge I started to look into Frozen cake designs on Pinterest, but was a bit overwhelmed at the idea of having to roll out fondant icing and cover a cake myself. Poppy's birthday was back at the start of summer, so we were still in lockdown and it wasn't very easy to just nip to a shop. I knew the cake needed to 'wow', yet be easy to put together and relatively quick too because lockdown life meant making a cake secretly was a real challenge!

Poppy had also really wanted a chocolate cake, which didn't really match well with the cool tones of the blue and white Frozen cakes I'd seen on Pinterest. I did contemplate baking a chocolate cake, covering it in white chocolate buttercream and decorating from there, but had a feeling it wouldn't look very effective unless I was able to cover the cake perfectly. Instead, I opted for an indulgent chocolate fudge cake with milk chocolate buttercream covered in white chocolate fingers. This was the easiest and most effective way I could think of to make the cake look white and 'cold' like the world of Frozen. You really don't need any icing skills at all, which is a real bonus because it is all hidden with the Cadbury chocolate fingers. 
To decorate the top I tried to keep things running along the white chocolate theme, so I used White Chocolate Lindt Lindor, White Chocolate Buenos, Iced Gems (these were their unicorn versions, but the normal ones would work), white chocolate bar shavings, blue & white sprinkles (from Morrisons), blue ribbon, edible glitter and snowflake sprinkles from amazon
For the cake I used Jane Patisserie's recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake with the BEST Chocolate Frosting Ever. It was absolutely divine, seriously indulgent and not one for the faint hearted! You have to love chocolate to love this cake, put it that way.
After you've made the cake, put the buttercream on then you need to add the white chocolate fingers around the outside before the buttercream 'sets'. It will act like the glue to stick the fingers onto the cake, so make sure the cake is on the plate/cake board you want to present it on. Altogether I used around two boxes of the fingers to surround the cake and then took a blue ribbon and tidied it around the middle. This helps to keep everything in place and make the cake look extra special. 
Then arrange the Lindt Lindor's around the outside of the top of the cake (I used one full box, which was about two or three short for completely covering the outside, but it worked well with slightly bigger gaps left in-between each one). Next place your figures centrally, but slightly to the back. You can buy some Frozen themed figures specifically for the cake or simply have a hunt around in your child's toy box. If they love Frozen chances are they already have something that could work on top of the cake or you could use a snowman figure for Olaf. All you need to do before popping it on the cake is to give them a quick anti-bac clean, then gently press into the buttercream topping. 
Arrange the white chocolate Buenos around the back of the figures and the iced gems around the inner circle of the Lindt Lindors. Take a sharp knife and carefully scrap it along the smooth length of a bar of white chocolate to create shavings. Place the shavings in front of the figures to sort of emulate snow or ice. Lastly, sprinkle over the different types of sprinkles and dust with edible glitter for a magical touch. 
Relatively quick to put together, Poppy did the 'wow' face when we gave it to her and a lot more affordable than getting a cake made professionally. You could even use a shop bought cake, cover in extra buttercream and all of the decorations if time is limited or baking isn't your thing. 

Do you know of any Frozen fans that would love a Frozen cake?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x


  1. That's amazing. It looks so effective, and easy enough for even me to do! Well done :)

  2. Sticking toys on top of cakes is my go-to decor tip. No more faffing around trying to create figures out of fondant. And the toys double up as a gift too. Win win.

  3. That looks really effective. I have my daughters birthday this month and struggling to decide on a cake

  4. WOW, Such a easy way with big impact.

  5. Thank you for the inspiration. I made my daughter a frozen cake today using your idea and it looks amazing and people can’t believe I made it. Thank you sooo much!!


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