Tuesday 28 July 2020

CHILDREN: How to Throw a Frozen Party at Home

How to Throw a Frozen Lockdown Party at Home
Making birthdays special during lockdown or while socially distancing can be a challenge and the magic of birthdays is especially important to children. Recently it was Poppy's third birthday and as our second birthday during lockdown (Isabella celebrated her fifth birthday right at the start of lockdown, which was tried to make as special as possible) we felt much more equipped on how to make it one to remember. Like many children, Poppy loves everything Frozen related so her birthday couldn't really be based around anything else! Luckily, throwing your own little Frozen party at home is a relatively simple theme to follow and there are lots of DIY additions you can add throughout the day to add that extra special touch. These ideas aren't exclusive to lockdown life and can be utilised whenever we are able to throw 'normal' parties for our children or if you simply want to celebrate at home. 

To be honest, if lockdown has shown me anything it is that children love the thought that goes into make their birthday special regardless of how much you've spent or how extravagant a celebration they have. I am such a fan of throwing a party for my children's birthday and I love the process of party planning, but lockdown has certainly shown me that a big party isn't necessarily needed every single birthday.
On the night before Poppy's birthday we created a Frozen themed balloon cloud using this kit from amazon. It was inexpensive and surprisingly easy to set up, but had that 'wow factor' I really wanted for Poppy when she woke up in the morning. We also set out her presents with the snowflake balloons included in the kit, set out the breakfast items including a 'Birthday Girl' badge and popped this snowflake table cover over the dining table. 
For breakfast we had done pink pancakes in bed when it was Isabella's birthday, so really want to do something different for Poppy. We settled on this Frozen cereal from Kellogg's, Innocent Blue Spark Smoothie and BEAR Alpha Bites cereal, all of which we found in our local supermarket. All of which went down well with Poppy and Isabella, especially the blue smoothie! 
The one thing Poppy asked for was an Anna and Elsa Cake, so that is what I made. It was a seriously moreish chocolate cake inside surrounded by white chocolate fingers, Buenos, white chocolate Lindt Lindor, Anna and Elsa figures, white chocolate shavings and blue snowflake sprinkles. I think that when you're celebrating at home it is the little things that can have that extra wow factor, such as having a balloon cloud and exciting birthday cake. If baking isn't your thing then you could always get a bakery to make one, as many are offering contactless delivery or pick-up. 
The afternoon's activity was a home cinema, so snacks were essential! I ordered these Frozen food boxes and set out a selection of popcorn, chocolates and sweets, in order for everyone to make their own kind of trial mix. I also made cinema tickets like we did for Isabella's birthday and brought the beanbag from their bedroom downstairs. Just little things to make the film watching experience feel different, but you could also snuggle under a duvet, put the sofa pillows on the floor to make a big bed, set up a tepee to watch the film from, make 'cars' out of cardboard boxes to make a drive-in cinema experience etc. 
After a day of eating cake and sweet treats there wasn't much space for dinner, but I did make these Olaf Blue Jellies and Olaf sandwiches; both of which went down a treat. I used the Hartley's Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly as the 'water' and then created Olaf using marshmallows, Cake Décor candy eyes, cake pens to draw on the buttons/mouth/noise and a cocktail umbrella from Rex London (only 19p for a pack of 24!). To make the Olaf sandwiches I simply used cookie cutters to cut out the different parts, used the Cake Décor candy eyes, cloves for the arms (warning the children not to eat these) and a piece of carrot for his nose. Again, all easy changes to make a sandwich tea feel that bit more exciting and special. 
To finish the day off the children had a glow stick bath, which was honestly so much fun and really inexpensive to create. We ordered some glow sticks from amazon, put up the Gro Blind to make the bathroom dark and added a disco light to the water. This activity isn't really in the Frozen theme, but fun nonetheless!
Have you had any birthdays to celebrate since lockdown began?

Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading every single one :)

Helen x



  1. We are celebrating my little man’s third birthday today. As ever, it’s train themed with a few twists for outdoor activities. I love the little Olaf jellies. Too cute. Can I admit, we’ve still not seen frozen...

  2. Oh wow! Can you be my Mum please? The Olaf jelly’s are brilliant.

    I had my birthday last week so thankfully not in lockdown really and the children are all January and February.

    I think my girls would love this for next year though!

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be making some of these treats x

  3. Birthdays during lockdown have definitely been a challenge but it looks as though you made it really special for your daughter :-)

    We've had a couple of birthdays to celebrate during lockdown and it's definitely made us more creative.

  4. We did a Frozen party for my son's third birthday, five years ago. I looked everywhere for blue jelly but couldn't find it anywhere. It's really great you can get it now as these are perfect party food!

  5. Love this! Some great ideas. I don't know there even was such a thing as glitter jelly!

  6. What a cute birthday treat, blue jelly is brilliant for a Frozen theme!!!


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