Friday 18 January 2013 Review

After checking the money saving expert website throughout the January Sales, I found a website I hadn't heard of before, ''. I was interested to find out what type of things they sold as they were having a 90% sale. Their website sells exactly the kind of things I LOVE! Cute, vintage inspired gifts for males, females and children. The sale is still online and offers a wide range of products starting from 10p!

I ordered from the sale in early January and have just received my order, they advise delivery will take 7-10 days but my order took about 14 days. This wasn't a problem for me as I didn't need to order for a certain day but it is worth bearing in mind if you want to make an order. However this delayed delivery may just be a result of mass sale ordering, I  don't know as I haven't ordered from them before.

On to my order, there were too many amazing items I wanted, so I really had to control my spending!

Strawberry Charlotte Bag - £1.00
Heart Decoration Ivory Flowers - £0.39 each
White Hanging Heart T-Light Holder - £1.95 each

Love Garland Painted Zinc - £1.00

Home Garland Painted Zinc - £1.00
60 Cake Cases Vintage Christmas - £0.50

50's Christmas Design Biscuit Tin - £2.95

Have you bought anything from the dotcomgiftshop?


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