Friday 18 January 2013

My Haul from the Boots 75% SALE!

On Wednesday 17th January Boots started their much anticipated 75% sale. I was working, so couldn't go until 5pm, I visited two big Boots and interestingly they both had very similar stock left. I did get some good bargains but wished I had gone online to order items early in the morning, I was just too busy!

Here's my haul from the two trips to Boots:

This conserve set was £2.50.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am starting to enjoy growing my own vegetables. Last spring/summer was my first attempt and even with mass of slugs I managed to successfully grow potatoes, courgettes, potatoes, squash and 1 single strawberry! I have a watering can that just pours water out very quickly, so I have been looking for a watering can that 'sprinkles' water and found this at Boots of all places. It was £3 and came with Tomato and Rocket seeds, I can't wait to use it in the Spring.

Another gardening buy, these little vintage inspired Parsley and Thyme pots were £2.50 are perfect for placing on a window sill. I really like the wooden box they come in too. When the weather warms up I'll start growing these herbs, I am pretty good at killing herbs though!

A nice set of ribbons and bows for 67p!

Lovely black knit scarf and hat set reduced from £15 to £3.75! I'm not sure whether to give this set as a present or keep it for myself, they are just so soft and perfect for the massive amount of snow currently falling outside.

This FCUK bodywash has a slight shimmer, an amazing fresh smell and was £1.13.

This Betty Walter coin purse was only £1.50, it's got a waterproof finish which if great because I some how always manage to drop my purse in the only puddle around!

I also got the matching purse, as this has space for cards, coins and notes. It was £2.50, I really like a pattern and in desperate need of a new purse, after 3 years my current one is looking very tired!

Did you get any good bargains from Boots this year?

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