Friday 1 February 2013

I MADE: Personalised Baby Scan Photoframe

 My Sister-in-Law is pregnant and due at the end of May, it's so exciting! So after buying her a couple of presents I wanted to make something completely personal. I decided to make a personalised photo frame, as I already had some blank ones. I was given a set of stamp letters and numbers for Christmas, which I thought would be perfect for making this frame a personal one.

I bought this wooden photo frame from a car boot sale last year, it was 50p for 3! Bargain! Firstly, take out the glass/plastic part where the photograph would go behind, so that when you paint you don't paint the glass. I then started painting it white with acrylic white paint from The Works.

I had to do about 4 layers (letting each layer dry before painting the next one) to cover up the grain of the wood.

Once the paint was completely dry (ideally left overnight), I stamped on 'Coming Soon' on the top of the frame and 'May 2013' on the bottom part of the frame. After pressing each letter in to the stamper ink I wiped around the edge with a tissue, as I didn't want any other ink than the letter (if that makes sense?!).

The ink took a long time to dry completely, about 48 hours, because it's on the shiny paint so it doesn't soak in very quickly.

That's it, how quick and simple! This idea could be used for making a photo frame personal for any event, birthdays, Christmas, anniversary's, Mother's day, Father's day etc.

Are you going to have a go?


  1. That's a really good Idea, where did you get the stamps from?

    Thanks for the nomination by the way! X

    1. Your welcome, I love all the handy tips on your blog :)

      They were from eBay, if you type in 'letter stamp' loads of different style stamps come up. For a set like mine it's about £15, hope this helps!

      Helen xx

  2. What a lovely idea for gifts for people! Think i may have a try at something like this (: x

  3. I love this idea and there's also that something a bit more special with a home made present. It looks fab! :) x


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