Friday 23 August 2013

Car Boot Treasures ♥

Last weekend I went to my second car boot of the year! I absolutely love car boot's, there can be some great vintage finds and of course bargains! You do have to have an eye for the quality items, there's always a lot of 'rubbish' at car boot's too. But that's part of the enjoyment! The problem is, Tom doesn't like car boot's at all, so it takes a while to persuade him to have an early morning and go with me! haha
We went to the car boot at about 7.30am, so not as early as really keen goers but still early enough to find some gems.
Here's what I bought...
dotcomgiftshop Recipes Box is brand new and was only 50p! It is still available on their website for £3.95.
This cute little pocket mirror has one normal mirror and one that's magnified. It cost 50p.
 This is probably my favourite purchase - I LOVE IT! A vintage inspired glass jar, which will be perfect for my dressing table. It was only £1.
 This was the biggest bargain of the trip - a new Dunelm Mill Rug that still had the price on the back for £49.99 and I only paid £4! It's a gorgeous duck egg blue colour and doesn't have a single mark!
 These mugs are huge, I can't decide whether to make them into candles or to just use them as mugs! They were 50p each.
 I love these bowls! They were designed by Jeff Banks and were 50p each!
 I bought this for Daisy when she's older, it's a swimming buoyancy aid. The RRP is £27 and I paid £2.50. I also bought a pack of Huggies Little Swimmers nappies for 20p - a great bargain as they are usually nearly £7 a pack!
 I've really wanted a glass cake stand with dome for a while but am struggling to find a nice one that isn't over £50. This is actually a cheese board dome but I'm going to use it for cakes and probably find a use at our wedding for it! It was meant to be £3 but I negotiated it down to £2.50!
 Cath Kidston 'Make!' book, full of craft projects and Cath Kidston templates - RRP £14.99 and I paid £1.50.

Ball Mason Jar - 50p.
Are you a fan of car boots?
I'd love it if you left me a comment :)


  1. What great finds ! Love the little perfume bottle so cute . X

  2. I wish the carboots round here were that good!

  3. Fantastic buys, the recipe box and mugs are lovely!

  4. You got some real bargains! I love a good deal so car boot sales are always fun. It may just be me but I love a huge mug - means I don't have to keep getting up to make more tea haha xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]


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