Monday 9 September 2013

Rio Beauty Tanning System - for when the sun doesn't shine.

I'm (almost) sure that at some point in your life you've come across Rio Beauty products. I remember the first time I knew about Rio Beauty, while browsing through the Argos catalogue when I was about 8 years old! They offer such an extensive range of products, from Tanning to Anti Ageing products and Laser Hair Removal.

I was given the opportunity to try out their Celebrity Airbrush Tanning, as someone who always has some level of fake tan on, it was the perfect product to review! The Celebrity Airbrush Tanning costs £79.99 from here. I was impressed with how compact it is, I was expecting a really bulky package but it's actually a really good size for easy storage (which Tom was delighted about!).

The instructions were really easy to follow, so the set up time was less than 3 minutes. The best place to tan is always in a room with surfaces that can be wipes clean, usually a bathroom, but this product requires a plug. There aren't ever plugs in bathrooms, due to the electrocution risk, so this was a slight challenge. Luckily we have a plug not too far from the bathroom, but it did restrict the use of the spray tan applicator. Next time I will find/buy an extension lead, which would solve this problem and make it so much easier to apply the product evenly.

You are supplied with two tanning solution bottles (100ml each), which would easily do your whole body 3 times, if you wanted a medium tan.

Tom kindly offered (well after some persuading!) to apply the spray tan to me, it really does need an extra set of hands I think. Doing the front of your body yourself would be fine but I'm not sure how easy it would be to apply to the back of your body. Baring in mind Tom has never used a fake tan product before, he was a complete amateur, so this really tested this product! He practised spraying into the sink first, just so he could get a feel for how much product comes out etc. It's such a fine mist, with a slight colour guide - always helpful! It's very important to stay the recommended distance away because when Tom didn't (due to the plug situation) it did start to drip down my leg, as the product built up. You are warned of this on the instructions but like anything new, it takes practise to perfect the skill.

(Sorry for the awful photo, it was night and therefore too dark really to be taking photos) Tom only spray tanned my left leg, so that I could see the colour comparison to my naturally pale legs. As it was so dark, it's hard to see the colour difference in this photo. My left leg did look more tanned but as the product hadn't developed yet (it takes around 12 hours) it wasn't the finished result.

This photo was taken the next morning, after around 12 hours of the product developing. You can see that my left leg is clearly more tanned than my right leg, with a lovely brown colour. This product didn't have any of those unwanted orange tones! The brilliant feature of this product is that you really can apply the tan to suit the look you want to achieve. If you want a lighter tan, then just apply one layer of the spray tan. If you want a darker tan, then apply more. You could even be adventurous and try the 'body sculpting' tan, where you spray tan certain areas to make your body look more toned!

I stood in the bath while Tom applied spray tanned me, so that all of the surfaces could just be showered down and cleaned. As it's a spray tan, any tan that doesn't settle on your body will fall to the floor. To prevent having REALLY tanned soles of your feet it's worth standing on some tissue/towel, so that it soaks up any tan that falls to the floor and not your feet!

Overall, I'm really impressed with Rio Celebrity Airbrush Tanning because the colour of the tanning product is perfect, you can apply it to suit your look and it creates a great even coverage. Before you purchase this product though, it is worth thinking about where your plugs are compared to your bathroom and whether you'll need an extension lead.

You can buy this product from here, as well as refills of the tanning solution.  

Have you ever tried applying fake tan via an airbrush?

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  1. Sounds a fab product, have debated purchasing one in the past
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. This sounds like it would be a great product for me, like you I always have some sort of tan on so I could probably do with something like this! :) x

  3. I've never tried this before but it looks fab!
    And your blog is lovely :)


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