Friday 15 November 2013

BEAUTY: No7 Match Made Concealer

 I have mentioned a number of times on my blog that I have such dark circles under my eyes, they're the main reason I feel that I can't really go without make up on a daily basis. So I'm always on the hunt for eye creams, under eye highlighters, concealers - anything that promises to reduce, cover up or get rid of dark circles! As my much loved Bobbi Brown Concealer Set is running out I thought I'd try a high street concealer for a bit of a change. I spotted this No7 Match Made Concealer (£7.50) in the Boots in Manchester a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sure if you live in the UK then you've seen the No7 Match Made adverts for their new foundation, concealer and powder range available in Boots. The great thing about this range is that they can match your skin tone to a shade in their range almost instantly and without having to have your whole make up redone. Sometimes I just don't have time to sit down and have my make up done at one of those lovely beauty counters. This service from No7 is so quick and easy, they have a machine that they place on your face, it takes a picture of your skin and then tells you the perfect shade for you. How clever?! I was matched with their 'Cool Ivory' shade, it saved lots of testing, colouring in the back of my hand which I would no doubt smudge over my black tights later on!

The container reminded me of a lipstick, it's very similar and is applied in the same way. You draw on where you want the concealer and blend with either your fingers or a concealer brush.

As you can see the coverage is good, though it's a creamy concealer it actually feels powdery. This meant that blending it was slightly challenging, it was easier to apply the concealer where you wanted it and then gently smooth it over with your finger. Overall I like this concealer, it hasn't blown me away as much as the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit though. The coverage is good but not quick enough for my ridiculously dark circles and it does have quite a cakey/powdery finish. Personally not what I look for in a concealer.
Have you tried any of the No7 Match Made range?
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  1. .that's fab hun and what a really good price, I can't go out without makeup either as I have blotchy skin grrrxxx xx

  2. I love the concealers that come in a stick form it is so much easier! (:

  3. Oooh this looks great and super helpful! xx


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