Sunday 5 January 2014

JANUARY SALES: Marks and Spencer's, Fragrance Direct, Boots and NEXT Haul

I'm not one if those dedicated people that can face the sales when they first start. So this year I've done a lot online. It's just so much easier, especially when the postage isn't ridiculously priced! On Christmas Eve I made a Boots and Fragrance Direct order, on Boxing Day it was a Marks and Spencer's, New Look and LUSH order - so not too much! Then on the day after Boxing Day I braved the shops but actually found very little. This post includes the first set of deliveries I've received so far - from M&S, NEXT, Fragrance Direct and Boots...
Marks & Spencer's

^ I got a couple of home accessories from M&S, including this cute little garlic holder (£3 reduced from £5) that matches the M&S utensil holder we already have.^ 

^ I thought these two tea light holders (£2 each reduced from £5 each) would be idea for holding make up brushes, I really like the Moroccan style design and how crafty they look for a big brand.^ 

^ My make up brush collection is very small at the moment, I had to throw loads away as they were too old. So the sales have been a good opportunity to grab some bargains, this Limited Edition Eyeshadow brush (£1.75 reduced from £3) will be perfect for blending. ^ 

^ When I spotted these fish eye lens for camera phones (£2.25 each reduced from £5 each) I instantly thought it would be a fun little gift to give Tom. He doesn't have a digital camera, so all of his photos are taken with his camera. You simply attach this little gadget in front of the camera and you can take fish eye photo's!^ 


^ When I went sale shopping on the high street I made a visit to the much hyped NEXT sale. I wasn't really looking at the clothes, although I was hoping their Christmas jumpers for men would be in the sale. I'm not sure if we just got there too late but there was no sign of Christmas jumpers! I did get this cute keepsake box that says 'Born in 2013' for my Niece, it's a really good size and was reduced to £4 from £8.^

^ On the way to the till I spotted this gold sparkly make up bag (£4 reduced from £8) almost hidden under scarves and necklaces! I will probably use it as a clutch bag for nights out, it zips up so it's ideal as I always end up dropping my bag!^

^ This cute hanging glass quote was reduced to £3 from £8, bargain! I'll give it to Tom at some point throughout 2014.^
Fragrance Direct 

^ I couldn't believe the bargains that are on the fragrance direct website, they usually have good deals but their sales are even better! Firstly I got these Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Nebline and Speeding Light shades. These were only 60p each!^

^ Another amazing bargain was these NYC Appleicious Lip Balm in shades Appleicious Pink and Blushing Golden for 50p each!^ 

^ I've heard good things about the Bourjois Healthy Mix 16 Hr Foundation, so when I spotted it on fragrance direct for only £2.99 I couldn't refuse. I chose the shade vanilla, so hopefully it's the right shade!^ 

^ As I've mentioned before I've been experimenting with contouring and highlighting recently, I needed a really pale concealer to highlight with and this Technic Brilliant Touch Highlighter and Blemish Corrector (£1.99) was the palest I could find.^ 

^ Ages ago I painted my nails with daisy's on but couldn't for the life of me find a yellow nail varnish for the centre, so they had to be orange! This Manhattan M & Buffalo Nail Polish in shade 16 (50p) will be ideal for nail art.^ 


^ I wanted to get a lot of presents in the boots sale, as I like to have a good stock pile for throughout the year. This Dove Men Mini Traveller Tin (£2.50 reduced from £5) in will be ideal for my brother, as he's always travelling around the world with his current intern.^ 

^ So Snug Supersoft Socks in Cream and Red (£2.50 each reduced from £5 each) really are so soft! I was going to give these as presents but I might need to keep them now!^

^ Tom is so dramatic when he gets the smallest if sniffles, he knows it too so it's a bit of a joke. This Man Flu Surviver Mug (£3.25 reduced from £6.50) has his name written all over it!^

^ Baylis & Harding Beauticology Mini Trio (£2 reduced from £4) was mainly a purchase to make my order over £20 so I could get free in-store delivery. A little treat for myself!^

^ I got a couple of these Minute Challenge Game (£3 each reduced from £6 each) as they are fun gifts to give to family members and everyone loves a challenge!^

Have you bought much in the sales this year?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. I'm intrigued by the idea of a garlic holder - I never knew such things existed! Also the fisheye phone attachment looks fun.

    Oh I miss M&S!

  2. I'm looking for some new cute storage, this helped a lot!
    love victoriajanex

  3. You got some amazing bargains! I especially love everything you got in Next! :)
    It's a shop I usually neglect when I'm hitting the sales but you have definitely changed my mind!
    I just posted about some of the bargains I found in the Boxing Day sales - would love if you could check it out. :)


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