Thursday 10 April 2014

WEEKEND: Cromer Beach

Recently we went away with Tom's family for a lovely short break in Norfolk. Unfortunately we could only stay for the weekend due to work commitments, so luckily we got the vote of what to do. We both love the seaside so much, especially as it's where Tom proposed, so our vote was always going to be for a trip to the seaside! Cromer was the nearest beach to where we were staying so off we all went to see the sea. There's just something so special about seeing and watching the sea, I find it so relaxing. I dream that one day we'll live a lot nearer to the beach, other than university I've spent my life in the midlands - the furthest point from the coast!

Our weekend...

Which other British beaches would you recommend for a visit?


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  1. I grew up in Norfolk not too far away from Cromer so know it well. These photos brought such a smile to my face :)

    Chloe x


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